January 6, 2014

Tweet Revenge (358-364)

I made it a whole year....almost! I am off one day. I guess tomorrow I will devote a whole blog to one day.

Day 358

Happy New Year! Aaron and I celebrated by drinking sparkling white grape juice, eating chex-mix and not watching the ball drop. We tried to watch a New Years celebration on the one channel our antennae picks up, but the music annoyed us, so we switched to a movie. May our year be as exciting as how we reigned it in.

Day 359

We did the obligatory black-eyed-peas on the first day of the year. I have to admit, I can't make them like my aunt. My cousin's birthday is January 1st so we always had the tradition of going to my aunts to have a New Years day/ birthday party. Happy birthday Casi and the world!

Day 360

I have tried green tea before and didn't like it. In attempt to be healthier, I thought I would give it the good college try again, and I really like it! One girl on Youtube said to drink it three times a day but that is a lot of green tea. Any advice for this noob who is a new to eating healthy?

Day 361

Aaron and I had a date day where we went shopping in Brownfield, ate at Subway, and watched movies at home. As Aaron predicted, Subway was super busy.

Day 362

I honestly should post this picture every day because all I did this week was watch Youtube and it was wonderful! I have been following a family who has been doing a daily vlog for five years and this is their final year. I watched his videos a couple of years ago but decided to start over.

Day 363

We had our first choir meeting of the new year, and then I went home to savor the last precious hours of my break.

Day 364

"Hey, honey, could you take a shovel and throw out the giant dead bird Lucy was playing with? But first, can you take a picture of it because I forgot to take a picture for my blog," is the greeting my husband got when he came home today.

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