January 19, 2014

The Beast that Stole my Soul Day 12

This shoe was found outside with the sole missing. My dog likes to take things outside. I don't really understand this. Is it normal? How does one stop this behavior? I have seen her try to take her bed outside but a wicker basket doesn't exactly fit through a doggy door. My parents dog,Keeper, likes to take dirty socks and cuddle with them. She did this to Aaron the first time I brought him home. I guess that means she approves? Lucy doesn't have a specific thing she likes to take outside, basically anything she can get her mouth around.

Maybe she is saying something about my housekeeping....

Here is a forum about people with dogs that have the same quirky behavior.

click me!

Here is an article with a list of advice from a dog trainer I might try...

no, click me!

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