August 30, 2010

Prince Charming Captures the Heart of Another Woman

So if you don't know, I work at a day care. Actually I have officially worked there for about a year now. I guess that's a good sign if I haven't quit yet. My kids seemed to have been extra funny today.  For example:

Sarah and Camilla were looking at books. They both started Pre-K so I wouldn't say they have mastered the art of reading yet. Just when I walk over to them, Sarah picks up Cinderella and flips to a page that has Prince Charming's face on it and she says "Oh! What a handsome man!"

There is also a child who has a small case of Autism. Normally, Autistic children focus on one particular interest such as trains or ducks. My child focuses on vacuum cleaners. He loves them and will talk about them for hours if you let him. Well today, he kept talking about a factory. I went and sat next to him, asking what he was building with our Tinker Toys and he said he was building a factory. When I asked him what the factory made he said Easter Eggs. I, for one thing, was blown away by his creativity. Ten minutes later he comes to me and says that the factory is broken because someone stuck a screw driver into it. I wasn't entirely sure what he meant so I just smiled and nodded like I do with most four-year-olds. I wish I still had the imagination of when I was younger.

I remember when I was that age I could look at an object and that object would send me into this vivid daydream. I also remember being able to feel things when I dreamt, and they also used to be a lot more adventurous. Now my dreams are everyday things. Actually they are usually in black and white. My psychology major friend tells me that that means I associate black and white with classic movies, which I love, and I like making things simple. Yep, sounds about right to me.

August 29, 2010

Tearing Paper to Keep my Sanity

Here is the deal: I try not to write things about my boyfriend because I am a private person. Let's be honest. The people that only write about their boyfriends and how much they love them and how wonderful they are...well they make me vomit in my mouth repeatedly. (To put it delicately).  That being said, let me tell the third story I have done that involves the boy.

I have decided to switch churches in order to support him in his leading worship. It is such a cute church. The average size of the congregation is 25 (not a typo) and the average age is above the age of 55. I have visited once before but today was my first official day of the switch. I was a little nervous because I will be known as "Aaron's girlfriend" until they get to know be better. I can tell I will like the church though because one of the first things someone said to me when I was being introduced was, "Hey! It's Aaron's boss!"

On the weekends I work in the Arcade at Prime Time to make more money. To be honest, it is not that challenging of a job which in turn makes it one of my least favorite jobs. Saturday was okay because we were busy (150 or so members of Big Brother Big Sister). I was exhausted at the end of the day (eight hours of non stop running around) but I loved it because it kept me busy.

Today, however, I was stuck doing Lazer Tag and XD Theatre, which is a 4D theatre we have. I had four groups total in lazer tag and three groups total in XD. Fortunately I thought to bring my Soduko book. I also cleaned the arcade. Twice. That room is spotless. I ended up being so incredibly bored the sound of tearing  paper intrigued me. Have you ever payed attention to the sound? It echos! The last hour and a half I counted down the minutes, literally and converted the minutes into seconds.

Doing nothing in the Arcade helps me appreciates my job in Day Care. If you are bored, you aren't doing your job.

August 21, 2010

Not Yet Independent

Let me just start off saying that I do not like to do anything involving cars. This includes changing my oil, changing my tires, driving, and dealing with mechanics...especially when it comes to dealing with mechanics...

I don't know if it is the fact that I am a girl or the fact that I have "dumb when it comes to cars" tattooed on my forehead (which is something I should probably get checked out, but I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to dealing with mechanics. Okay, disclaimer. I know whoever is reading this is probably like "Hey! Watch out lady! My Uncle Jo Humphrey IV is a mechanic and he is the most honest man since good 'ol Abe Lincoln." I am not saying every mechanic is dishonest. In fact I am friends with some very honest mechanics. I am just saying I seem to have a radar that attracts all the dishonest mechanics.

My dad and I switched vehicles last time I went home because the lease of Flat Stanley, my beloved Chevy truck, was up. At least that is what my dad says. I honestly believe he realized his PT Cruiser,or Clinton, was a girl car so he switched with his very girly daughter. My father neglected to renew the state inspection sticker on Clinton. So today,over a month past the expiration date on the sticker, expecting the worst, I come in with a game plan. I will turn down anything the mechanic says I need unless I cannot pass inspection without it. I even had my game face on. You know the face, very similar to the face when you are walking down the streets in New York City, or when you are watching 21 children high on sugar. That face.

Inspections should really not take that long. Unless you are me. I gave the guy my keys and got a coke while I was waiting. The TV had 48 Hour Mystery on it featuring a murder that happened in Abilene. Nothing really relevant about that fact, I just thought it was interesting. Mechanic guy calls me up and says my windshield wipers were messed up and he has found nails in both rear tires and I can't pass inspection unless it gets fixed. I thought it was strange that both tires seemed to have nails in them, and I also wondered what kind of roads my father drives down. But I never seem to have the best of luck with tires so I said to fix them. So thirty minutes later mechanic guy says something is wrong with the lug nuts on the tires and I can't pass inspection unless I get this fixed. I decided to let him precede but I said this with a sigh. I figured that if I sounded annoyed he wouldn't find anything else "wrong" with my car. I decided to give my dad a call and tell him what was going on.

He immediately was like 'Tires are not part of the inspection, you need to take your car to another place." I explained to him, however, that I already told them to continue and didn't know how far along they have gone. Sitting in the waiting room, Mr. Flipping Mechanic Guy came in and said that they couldn't fix the hole in my tire and I need a new tire. I told him that I was going to take my car to someone else and just finish whatever they were doing now so I could leave. I then called my dad and told him what was going on. He made me give him the phone number of the place.

I was completely embarrassed that my daddy had to call them, wondering if I will be in my thirties someday with him still fixing things. It turns out they were completely ripping me off, tires are not in fact part of the inspection and they had to admit that to him. He also told me not to sign anything... Let's just say this friendly place of business may not have a state inspecting license much longer.

I think I will just let my dad take my vehicles in from now on, otherwise I might as well pay them $100 for just walking into the door.

August 20, 2010

My (not so) Epic Day

All this week I have been going to bed at an indecent hour. It hasn't been a big deal because the earliest I have had work has been at 1pm. This morning I had an appointment with my advisor to schedule my classes. I know it is ridiculously late to sign up for classes but I had to wait for a lot of things this summer.

Actually, I blame the test taking abilities I had in high school. If I had done well with my SATs/ACTs, I would have gotten into the School of Ed sooner and therefore sign up for classes on time.

This morning I woke up, got ready for the day was about to go out the door to go to my appointment. (This story is exciting already, huh?) I do my routine check of my purse: phone, wallet, random sock, keys... wait... CRAP! Okay, don't panic. Keys are often not where they are supposed to be, at least any set of keys I own. I swear I put them where they are supposed to be but they decide they like to make me late.

I guess looking for my keys is a morning ritual, same as going to the bathroom or running a brush through my hair. So I retrace my steps from last night. Wait... did I drive last night? No! Boyfriend did... and the keys are more obedient to him and seem to stay where they are supposed to. Well, let's text this gentleman caller. (P.S. He is in Midland, i am in Abilene)

Fair Maiden Chelsea  What did you do with my keys (Realizing of course while I'm typing this that he has them)

Boy Fellow Oh gosh. I'm sooooo sorry, but they're still in my pocket. I can't believe I forgot
Fair Maiden Chelsea What?? Crap i dont know what im going to do (Obviously punctuation is not my greatest concern right now)

Boy Fellow Ugh, I'm sooooo sorry. I just had so much in my pocket that I couldn't feel them.

Fair Maiden Chelsea Its fine. Im just trying to find a ride (Be patient Chelsea, this could happen to anyone. You have done dumber things. Don't yell at him. Don't yell at him.)

Boy Fellow Wow, I can't believe I did that. It's a good thing I'm coming back tomorrow


Okay, really wasn't a big deal. Honestly wasn't freaking out that much and I had a slight moment of not knowing what I was going to do. Jenny ended up coming to the rescue and I got to sign up for my classes and hang out with friends before and after work.
I told them I got off work at six. Which is true...every other day. This poor child's parents, however, miscommunicated with each other and so after some calls, I got off work at 6:30.

We went and saw the NSO cheer-offs. I had flashbacks and an impromptu dance party, which surprisingly(or not so surprisingly) wore me out. Afterwards we hung out at their house (The Burrow) and watched Percy Jones, which by the way is an amazing movie.

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