September 30, 2013

Bertha Belches from Africa (267-273)

Day 267

Honestly, this is what most of my week looked like. I stayed until seven everyday trying to plan and get caught up on grades. The poor kids have had to put up with us constantly changing our schedule, but we are doing it for them. We kept the morning the same, but we decided to split the kids into three groups rather than just two so it is a lot more manageable. Initially, we had planned that each of us switch what we teach every week. For example, I would plan Social Studies every week but one week I might teach the science lesson that my co-teacher planned. It is a lot more time consuming planning for someone else; hence, this is why I am surrounded by technology.

At the end of the week, we decided that switching who is teaching what is a terrible idea, thank goodness.

Day 268

I am sorry you have to see what is essentially the same picture as the previous one. I told you this is what my week looked like. After rearranging furniture so every room has a set of computers and connecting all the wires and rearranging so everything could be connected, only one out of eight of our computers turn on. Today, I spent it putting some apps on all of the iPads. Well, I set it up to where whatever I put on one iPad would go on the others, but it took some time setting that up.

Day 269

Sorry for the lack of focus in this picture. My secret pal strikes again! I got a cup with Coca-Cola written in different languages and it was filled with Reeses. I also got a big ol' bottle of coke. I am well taken care of by my anonymous friend.

Day 270

Today, we had our first pep rally. I know this is super cheesy, but I teared up. I guess I was just overwhelmed with how blessed I am that God has put us here. We just feel so at home and it didn't take long for this community to feel like family. This time last year we couldn't find jobs, we couldn't afford groceries or our bills, and we were absolutely miserable because we knew that we were not where God wanted us to be. Who knew that just one year later both of us would be working in careers that have to do with our degrees and have so much joy because we are following God's plan. That is one of the huge things we learned our first year of marriage. It is ridiculous to follow our own plan and expect God to bless us. Following His plan has brought so much joy into our lives. Also, football makes me sentimental.

Day 271

I have not figured out how to balance working full-time and keeping my house from look inviting to cockroaches. I have tried to keep up with the laundry, but my husband pointed out that I have been using fabric softener as detergent! I was wondering why all of our clothes were losing color. Today was pretty easy. Aaron worked on clearing various drains and playing video games while I did laundry and watched YouTube videos. Typical Saturday. Although I hope to never get that far behind.

Day 272

Today was our first day of the revival our church is hosting. The evangelists and Aaron and I were invited over to the pastor's house after the evening service. We had such a great time talking about various experiences they have had on mission trips that we lost track of time and ended up getting home pretty late. The sweet lady who helps lead the music with her husband joked that you never know what time you are getting home when you hang out with evangelists.

Day 273

Along with it being revival week, it is also homecoming week. I don't mean to diminish the impact of the revival by just posting homecoming pictures, but I don't really have an opportunity to take pictures while I am supposed to be worshipping.

Today was "animation day." We were supposed to wear cartoon t-shirts. I wore a Superman shirt because one of our logos for Seagraves looks a lot like the Superman logo. Also Superman is awesome, or super, I guess.

Tomorrow is Nerd day, but you are going to have to wait until next week's blog to see my version of Amy Farrah Fowler.

September 23, 2013

There is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question (260-266)

Day 260

I told this kids I would wear this hat in honor of Freedom Week and they held me to it! We learned about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I tried doing Readers' Theatre with the class and they loved it! I appointed a director and characters and let them go to town. They worked so hard! The classroom has two set of lights, so I selected a technician and she turned on the "stage lights" whenever the director was ready. It was such a great way for them to learn and they have been asking everyday when they are going to do it again. Finally something that works!

Day 261

Here is the newest addition to our household appliances! It is a hideaway typewriter. I have been wanting a typewriter this color for a long time and I am so excited to have it! Aaron picked it up and had it set up for me whenever I got home.

Day 262

Aaron had a "Singing Men of West Texas" concert in Stanton, so Lucy and I had a girls night in, (this picture was taken by Aaron whenever he got home).

Day 263

Today was like any other Friday. So here is a picture of a dragon. He thinks I am awesome.

Day 264

Aaron needs new contacts so I am in charge of driving long distances. We decided to go to Hobbs, NM just for the fun of it. Growing up in Central Texas, it is a nice change to be able to drive into another state in less than a day. Aaron didn't realize that being the passenger automatically puts you in charge of taking pictures for the blog so we missed a really cool sign that welcomed us into Hobbs. Here is a picture I took of a display in the movie theatre.

Day 265

I got put on nursery duty during the church's evening service. My phone quickly beat the baby dolls and talking books for best toy in the room award.

Day 266

The Gaines county police force is going to come and talk to the fifth graders once a month about drugs. They chose to use today as an opportunity for the students to ask any question they have ever wanted to ask a cop. Terrible idea. We got questions such as "if you are in a stakeout and you fart, will that blow your cover?" to "do you eat donuts in the morning when you have nothing better to do?" They did say any question.

September 16, 2013

Viking Helmets and a Clock Necklace (253-259)

Day 253

We had a parent involvement night at school that involved slushies and bingo. No one at my table won. We all thought about trading cards but as soon as you trade, your former card wins.

Day 254

One of my kids was really excited because he brought some hermit crabs to school.

Day 255

It's progress report week, so I have been spending a lot of extra hours at school. Today I didn't leave until 7:30 and then I had extra work I brought home. Aaron used this opportunity to listen to Tech play TCU on the radio. I hope we find an antennae so he can watch sports again.

Day 256

I didn't stay at school as long as I had the rest of the week. I couldn't. I stayed for about an hour and then took the rest of my work home, and then the whole family crashed. It was a really busy week for all of us. Except Lucy. She just likes to cuddle and watch Netflix.

Day 257

Seagraves Varsity had a "home game" in Odessa. We have a nice football field but because we were playing a team that had to travel so far, we met them in Odessa to save them three hours. We met my in-laws at a new restaurant and then informed my mother in-law we really met to go to a football game. I guess the message wasn't delivered? The football game had a good turn out! I saw several of my students and a lot of church members. It was a fun game! We have a really good band and the team had a lot of really good plays. We ended up winning 46-14.

Day 258

We are looking for a new teacher for the young adults class so Aaron is filling in until then. I was the only young adult that could make it today so Aaron and I had our own Sunday school.

Day 259

We had a teacher's meeting after school today and it ended with my boss dressing up like Flavor Flav. I am not going to explain why; I am just going to leave it like this.

September 9, 2013

Ma, Pa, Netflix, and Black Eyed Peas (246-252)

Day 246

My sign for the classroom came in from Etsy! I have to pace myself or my entire paycheck will go to this site.

Day 247

One of our sweet church ladies picked some black-eyed peas from her brother's farm and gave us a ton, so we had a fun time shelling while watching Roswell.

Day 248

I have been looking for a cute clipboard. So, one of my students found one outside and put duct-tape on it. Search is over.

Day 249

While we were getting the science experiments ready for the week, my co-teacher's kid was playing on the promethean board. Anytime someone puts that I 'rock,' I need to put it on the internet. See, you guys? I'm cool!

Day 250

We tried to get some bunny ears so we could watch local channels and get some football games; however, we couldn't get anything to come in. Aaron had to miss the first Texas Tech game, so the least I could do was let him listen to sports radio.

Day 251

Today was the start of our children's choir. Aaron's really trying to make it educational, not just teaching a bunch of cute songs. I am really proud of all the hard work he is doing.

Day 252

I signed up for "teacher's pal" at my school a couple of weeks ago. I still haven't gotten the person I was assigned to anything but I found this little surprise in my box at the end of the day. What a perfect way to end a Monday!

September 2, 2013

Subtlety is Not Our Language (239-245)

Day 239

During reading time, we had the kids play comprehension games. All the board games were different for each group but they essentially had the same idea: roll a die, pick up a card and answer the questions that follow. The kids loved it and it was a great way for us to informally assess them to see where they are.

Day 240


I've been wanting to make a wreath and I finally got around to it. I am pretty proud of the result. When it comes to doing crafts, I follow the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Day 241

The first varsity home game isn't for a couple of weeks so we decided to go to the JV football game. Aaron has such a passion for sports, so he was beyond thrilled to go. I like going because I love the traditions of high school football and the memories from my childhood swarm my mind every time I sit in the bleachers. It is really cool to have a common goal with complete strangers. It is also really cool that I eventually will get to know all of the 'complete strangers.' Small town living really has its perks.

Day 242

It is really difficult to figure out how to have "controlled chaos" with all the fifth graders in one room. Right now it is just chaos. We have changed our schedule, our groups, and our lesson plans every day this week. This is our latest schedule and I am very confident in it. I really enjoy the teachers I work with, not just in my grade level. Everyone is willing to share what is working and not working in their classroom.

Day 243

Aaron and I hosted a "Christmas in August" party at our house for people interested in being in the Christmas musical at our church. We had a great group of people, which made it so much fun. We played a Christmas trivia game, Lucy helped by playing with the kids, and our guests got to open presents from us, which was their copy of the musical. It was such great fun. The only disappointing thing was having to take the Christmas decorations down, knowing it is a long way away.

Day 244

Today is Aaron's birthday! His parents came down and got to see him lead a choir rehearsal and Sunday night worship.

Day 245

Aaron's parents took us shopping in Lubbock to buy him some clothes for his birthday. Sorry for the blurry picture. Aaron and the cashier were wearing similar shirts so I was trying to subtly take a picture. My mission was compromised when the in-laws asked what I was taking a picture of in the true Hill nature, which is not subtle. Aaron then tried to make a quick escape. So this is my picture.

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