December 31, 2013

Sleep is for the Week (351-357)

This post is brought to you by faulty air mattresses and special dog howls only women can hear.

Day 351

Before going to Aaron's grandparents house for Christmas, our church had its Candlelight Service. I was in charge of sound and lights, although I'm not sure if I will be asked to to that again thanks to my series of mistakes, including turning all the lights out too early, and too rapidly.

Day 352

Aaron and all the boy cousins played football and keep-away while we were waiting for everyone to arrive for Christmas.

Day 353

After losing the battle to an air mattress the night before, Aaron and I took over the first un-occupied bed and made up for the sleep that was taken away from the glorified catapult.

Day 354

Friday we went to the in-laws, stopping at a restaurant called "Casablanca." No, they do not have a lovable piano player named "Sam" but they did have the best taco salad I ever had.

Day 355

Does Lucy look tired? She should. This is technically a picture taken on Sunday, but because Lucy spent Saturday night howling at a decibel that doesn't wake Aaron at all but keeps me up the whole night, I figured this picture could count for Saturday.

Day 356

We had our ministerial alliance today where different churches around Seagraves lead worship through different forms.

Day 357

I cleaned out my fridge to start the new year with a diet that hopefully lasts longer than a month.

December 23, 2013

(344-350) 100th blog!

Day 344

The third grade presented their Christmas program. They did such a good job!

Day 345

At school, we had an ornament exchange in which we held the ornament we brought and pass it to the right or left, depending on the directions. We had to change how we did it because half of the participants weren't there for one reason or another. We put the ornaments on a rug and moved ourselves right or left. I am sure it was quite a sight seeing a bunch of heads together moving around a rug.

We also had our Christmas meal at church. The hosting committee had the room decorated beautifully and, like always, the food was amazing.

Day 346

Aaron and I went to a band concert put on by the middle school and high school. The high school finished the concert with Charlie Brown Christmas music and yes, I started crying. I loved everything related to Charlie Brown as a kid and anything that could possibly be nostalgic, I cry over.

When we got home, I made a ton of sugar cookies for the fifth grade's Christmas party.
Day 347

We threw a Christmas party for our kids and yes, I drew that Santa. I swear we had every spicy chip under the sun. I thought I had a high tolerance for spicy foods, but I have nothing on my kids.

My in-laws picked Aaron and I up in the afternoon to spend the night in Lubbock and go shopping. We also drove around Tech to view their lights, very beautiful.

Day 348

I had a very successful shopping trip, getting everyone on my list and no scratches!

Day 349

I played the bells in church today. I always enjoyed hearing the bell choir at FBC Round Rock.

Day 350

Lucy helped me clean the house by making a mud trail through the just-mopped floors and decorating the floors of the bathroom with toilet paper.

December 16, 2013

Sweater Weather (337-343)

Day 337

I have had this dark cloud over me called 'UIL' since the beginning of the school year. Today was the big day and it was such a psychological relief to put all of my materials in a brown envelope and put it on the shelf for next year.

Day 338

Having the desire to bake but no butter/ butter substitute, I made brownie-in-a-mugs. This is the kind of baking we had to do when we lived in Arlington. You get creative with no oven.

Day 339

We went to see a parade in Denver City that one of my students was in.

Day 340

We went to an Ugly Sweater Christmas party complete with a White Elephant and delicious food.

Day 341

My mother-in-law graduated with her Masters today. Busy does not begin to describe the past couple of years for her and she is finally done. We are so proud of her!

Day 342

Our church went on a hay-ride around Seagraves and caroled to various houses of elderly church members.

Day 343

Our amazing music teacher is teaching the students how to play the guitar and one of my students wanted to show me what she learned.

December 9, 2013

Shotgun Christmas Tree(330-336)

Day 330

Day 331

After church, our choir had an extra rehearsal with the kids' choir for our cantata on Sunday.

Day 332

We were learning about procedural texts this week so I had my students find recipes, either from their parents or they had to look it up in class. One of my students was so excited they decided to go ahead and make their recipe and brought me their result; a homemade tortilla. YUM!

I made a copy of another students' recipe because it was too tempting to resist and I just had to make it myself. The recipe called for a mini-muffin pan, which I didn't have, so I just made peanut butter cookies and stuck Reese's cups on them.

Day 333

We had a late start for school today. I had a time convincing my brain to join me at school, it was skating on the sidewalks outside.

Day 334

We had planned on going to a Christmas tree farm so we could get a live tree. That has always been a tradition of my families and I was so excited Aaron was sold on the idea. Unfortunately, the roads were still icy so we couldn't travel to Midland to borrow a truck from my in-laws. We drove to Seminole and bought our Christmas outfits and a few decorations. We looked everywhere to see if any stores were selling live trees but our search came up empty. Remembering that we saw a gas station in Brownfield was selling trees, we decided to go after church on Sunday. I was just thinking that it would be so nice if a place in Seagraves would sell trees when we noticed our local grocery store had just put out trees! We were going to put it on our roof but had the crazy idea to just put the seat down in the front and stuff it on in there.

Later that night we had our dress rehearsal for the choir program and a dinner afterward.

Day 335

We had our program today and it went great! I was so excited for Aaron as this was the first musical he directed.

Day 336

After months of preparation, UIL has finally arrived. Tomorrow is the big day! I stayed late after school to prepare for a sub and to get caught up on grades. I got home from school with the full intention of not moving from the couch for a couple of hours when I realized I completely forgot that I needed to make a side to contribute to the lunch we are providing for the other schools. Aaron and I ran to our grocery store and bought the easiest thing I could make--stuffing in a box. My mom would be so proud.

December 2, 2013

The Monday Evening Post (323-329)

Day 323

I left school as soon as the kids did to pick up my parents from the airport. They were kind enough to fly up to Lubbock to spend the week with us.

Day 324

My dad and I enjoyed watching the ducks fly. I also thought the ducks crossing was sign appropriately placed.

Day 325

My family was kind enough to pose for this picture. It is supposed to look like a Norman Rockwell painting:

I had fun being a sous-chef for my mom and the food turned out delicious.

Day 326

Aaron and I were so happy mom was here so we made her take pictures of us for our Christmas card. They turned out great! Don't forget to let us know if you would like one.

Day 327

We took my parents into Hobbs, New Mexico where my mom had fun shopping in an antique mall. I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby but my dad was shopped out (I think I got my hatred for shopping from him) so we went to see "The Hunger Games." SO. GOOD.

Day 328

My sweet parents helped as my church decorated for Christmas. It turned out so beautiful.

Day 329

I introduced Procedural texts to my students by having them follow my directions, step by step, to make a picture.

November 26, 2013

Some Assembly Required (316-322)

Day 316

Aaron and I had a breakfast date of cold waffles. *Note to self: buy new toaster.

Day 317

One of my college professors gave us the advice of not being the last one in the building. I break that rule a lot.

Day 318

The fifth graders had a music recital today showing off compositions they wrote. The music teacher broke it into different times so the parents didn't have to attend a three hour recital. I was able to hear some of my students and I was so impressed at how our music teacher was able to get them to create something like that.

Day 319

Aaron and I had fun decorating for Thanksgiving.

Day 320

My in-laws came to visit and celebrate Thanksgiving early. We love being able to show off the town we love to our family.

Day 321

I don't know if you can see our "polar-bear" puppy, but she is that white thing having fun in the snow. We had fun playing fetch with snow-balls. We would throw them and Lucy would sometimes catch them and then immediately regret the cold.

Day 322

We ordered a fireplace and it came in-- in pieces. The directions said it would take an hour and it took way longer than that, mainly because the screws they gave us weren't very good. Here is the final project!

November 18, 2013

I Love Lucy

I am so mad with myself! Last week, I reset my phone because I got a virus on it and, consequently, I lost all the pictures I put on my phone for last week's blog. I have therefore not reached my goal of doing a blog every week.

Day 309

Today was a hot dog banquet for the 3-5 grade students who turned in a reading log showing that they read every day for six weeks straight. The teachers served the hot dogs, handed out certificates, and cleaned up afterwards. It was really neat seeing all of the supportive parents. Some of these kids have been doing this since they were in Kindergarten.

Day 310

Today was bitter-sweet, as we have officially switched my grown-up puppy to dog food. I was way too sad about my substitute baby growing up.

Day 311

We hosted small group at our house. Lucy loved the kids/ baby that came with the couples.

Day 312

I think I need to change the name of this blog to "I Love Lucy" because most of my posts are either about Lucy or food. Here is a picture of a toy we got for her. She figured out he quacks before we did.

Day 313

A sweet lady from our church gave Aaron and I a bunch of Christmas things. I pass by her house everyday on my way home from school and I have always admired it from the outside. The inside is even better. Check out this bathroom! I wish I had better picture-taking skills because these definitely don't do it justice.

Day 314

We had a business meeting where we talked money and ate sandwiches.

Day 315

The monthly drug-wise program was today The police officers talked to the kids about alcohol and tobacco.

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