December 31, 2013

Sleep is for the Week (351-357)

This post is brought to you by faulty air mattresses and special dog howls only women can hear.

Day 351

Before going to Aaron's grandparents house for Christmas, our church had its Candlelight Service. I was in charge of sound and lights, although I'm not sure if I will be asked to to that again thanks to my series of mistakes, including turning all the lights out too early, and too rapidly.

Day 352

Aaron and all the boy cousins played football and keep-away while we were waiting for everyone to arrive for Christmas.

Day 353

After losing the battle to an air mattress the night before, Aaron and I took over the first un-occupied bed and made up for the sleep that was taken away from the glorified catapult.

Day 354

Friday we went to the in-laws, stopping at a restaurant called "Casablanca." No, they do not have a lovable piano player named "Sam" but they did have the best taco salad I ever had.

Day 355

Does Lucy look tired? She should. This is technically a picture taken on Sunday, but because Lucy spent Saturday night howling at a decibel that doesn't wake Aaron at all but keeps me up the whole night, I figured this picture could count for Saturday.

Day 356

We had our ministerial alliance today where different churches around Seagraves lead worship through different forms.

Day 357

I cleaned out my fridge to start the new year with a diet that hopefully lasts longer than a month.

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