January 29, 2015

Oh! You Pretty Thing!

I made a promise to myself that it would be a really long time until I tried another pin from Pinterest that had anything to do with hair or makeup.

Well, I'm a liar.

This pin says you can get rid of dark circles using red lipstick.

Obligatory before picture

Okay... Definitely can't see dark circles in this picture...  But I swear I have them

You're supposed to put red lipstick on your dark circles. The opposing colors are supposed to neutralize each other. I tried a red lip crayon and a pink lipstick. Don't I just look glamorous...

By the way, this is Aaron's face when he walked on me doing this. One must sacrifice her dignity when blogging.

After you put lipstick on, you put your regular concealer over it.

Well, after put layers upon layers  on, this is the result. In the picture , the pink side looks way better, but in real life it looks like I put layer upon layer of concealer on top of lipstick.

I'm not saying this doesn't work, officially. I probably don't have the right products. I used BB Cream instead of concealer, so that is more than likely why it didn't work. And maybe I am just doomed to be terrible with makeup. I really don't think the purpose of makeup is to make one look sicker than pre application.  

By the way... still working on getting lipstick off my skin. No one better ask if I'm not feeling well at work tomorrow...

January 26, 2015

No Spit Left Behind

My sister in-law got everyone awesome Christmas gifts this year. is a company that analyzes DNA to reveal clues about your ancestry. I assumed Aaron's would be the same as his sister's because they come from the same parents. I was wrong. I'm guessing this has to do with what chromosomes hide... Or something... Don't tell anyone I teach science..

Anyway Aaron's basic information came back and surprise surprise, he is mainly scotch/Irish with a tiny bit of German/French.

My spit is very shy and they have to work a little harder to get any information out of it. Of course, make the adopted kid wait. I'm really curious to see what I am made out of. I have a pretty good idea with my mother's side but no idea who my father even is. 

So stay tuned. I might only be half human and that is probably why they are struggling. 

I feel like the kid who can't color in a bubble sheet properly for a standardized test. No spit left behind.

January 21, 2015

Bad Eggs

I was requested to do this cute little pin and I have to say I was really excited to do it. Here is the link to the original:

And here is my version:

First things first, boil six eggs...and I have already messed this thing up... First things first, boil five eggs.

Put all of your ingredients and supplies on a TV tray in the living room while "Dance Moms" is playing on the TV. Yes, "Dance Moms" is required. Haven't you heard of ambiance? Ingredients include: mayonnaise, peppercorn, boiled eggs, mustard, and carrots.

Slice up a carrot and a little off the bottom of the eggs so they will stand up straight.

Cut a half inch off the top of the egg, this will be the top.

This hardest part is scooping out the yolk because the opening is so small. As you can see my first try ended up with a large hole in the bottom.

I suggest using a toothpick. It is a bit more time consuming but it doesn't tear and leave a large hole.

Mix your filling, throw in a sandwich bag, and cut off the end.

Assemble your deviled chick: put the filling in, add the eyes (I suggest pairing the peppercorns to make sure the size matches up). Cut your carrots into triangles for the beak and cut your slices in half for the feet. I put my extra egg whites at the bottom of the eggs that were weaker at the bottom so the filling didn't come out.

And that's it! Meet Howie, Nick, Brian, Kevin, and AJ.

Again, super easy and they came out so cute! Did you notice I kept my puns to a minimum?

January 18, 2015

From Geek to Glam

I love rearranging furniture, adding a new piece, or just improving my house. In fact, I've been doing this since I was eight. I would watch interior design shows and my mom would even let me decorate different rooms in the house.

was planning on making this post the start of a big project where I test a lot of pins from Pinterest out on my room.

As you can see my Dollar General curtains I got almost two years ago are no longer holding up. (There is a shocker). It was a temporary fix when we moved in and, well, temporary is relative. Curtains tend to add up, and being the frugal girl I am, I make a game out of finding good deals.

I found a pin on Pinterest where you can make curtains out of sheets:

However, unless you find $5 sheets (harder than it seems) it isn't really worth it. That being said, no pin tested today. I have started a fabulous makeover on my room, though. Here are some befores and afters.



I am not completely done with the makeover but I love how much brighter the room is, now. Also, look at the cool pattern of these sheets:

Also, look how much money I saved on this bedspread!

I love how the curtains and bedspread work together even if the blues don't match-up. 

My room is the 1980's geek that gets a makeover and everyone wants to be her friend!

Well she still has a long way to go until she is in the popular crowd. She is more at the point where she takes her glasses off and her hair down. Have I taken this metaphor too far? 

Please let me know if you have any pins you would like me to try out!

January 16, 2015

Radiated, Smoked and Mugged

The first apartment Aaron and I lived in when we got married had a kitchenette with no oven. I guess saying it had no oven is being repetitive since I said it was a kitchenette. I digress...

I became pretty familiar with using a microwave to cook (even more so than college) and one of my favorite recipes was a brownie in a cup.  It doesn't match the real thing, especially the texture, but I love that you can make one serving at a time. 

Now that I have moved up to the glamourous life of teaching, I have an oven! I still overuse the microwave. That being said, I found a skinny recipe for a brownie in a cup (110 calories) . This is the only one I found without yogurt included. Not that I am against yougurt as a theory, just never have it at home. Here is how it turned out for me: 

Step 1 spill flour on counter.

Step 2: Pose spraying generic Pam in mug, include unpedicured feet in shot. 

Step 3: Look for a measuring spoon that equals a tablespoon. Question organization skills.

Step 4: Douple check recipe to make sure it calls for baking soda. It doesnt. Baking powder.

Step 5: No vegetable oil... hopefully butter will work. 

Step 6: Break the microwave by asking it to heat something for thirty seconds. Butter still cold. Microwave has smoke coming out. Told you we use it a lot.

Step 7: Ask husband to get spare microwave (who doesn't have a spare). 

Step 8: Leave microwave in inconvenient spot on counter instead of scooting it to the space designated for a microwave.

Step 9: Eat brownie. 

Step 10: Months later, finally move the microwave to remember you bought fruit that one time.

The verdict? If regular brownie in a mug has a rubbery texture, this is a tire. Wasn't very good. Sometimes, the calories are worth it. 

January 12, 2015

That's Not Her Style

This way-cooler than me lady is my birth-mother around my age. I think...

So I am dedicating today's Pinterest testing blog to her. Here are the pins...

This is the before face of a tired teacher who took too many selfies, trying not to include the laundry in the background. Did not work...

Okay, starting with makeup. I was supposed to put black eyeshadow in my crease/ outside corner of my eye. Kind of looks like two black eyes. At least I'm givng a stoic face.

Add some silver in the middle, and white in the inner corner. Throw some eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick, and we're done. (Is my  right eyebrow always higher than the other one?)

 Okay I decided that since I don't have bangs, I'll just go with a faux hawk. I first tried this pin, which was intended for a toddler.

Didn't look anything like a Mohawk

Then I split my hair into four sections and braided each braid. I tried making the braids looser and put into a bun...

Nope nope nope...

I ended up twisting the braids together and pinning the sides.

Here is the look. Definitely couldn't get the "Billy Joel" look like my mother did.

Makeup turned out okay. You know, as long as no one looks closely...
Hair-- Multiple fails. 

January 11, 2015

Flip Your Wig

The 1940's is my favorite era for beauty and glamor so I thought I would test out a "1940's hair how-to" pin from Pinterest.

When one is taking a "before" picture, one must take the most unflattering picture possible.
 First step was to pin the first two sections of my hair. And curl the rest of your hair.

Now you are supposed to let one of your first sections of your hair and curl it back, pinning it with a bobby pin. First half of the section worked out fine. I could not get the second part. So I stared at it until it knew who was boss.

Again... Several attempts...


If you look at each side by itself... It kind of works...

Finally got it...
Threw on some lipstick and eyeliner and I called it a day.

I am wanting to start a blog series where I test out different pins. I know it isn't completely original but it gives me a good excuse to actually attempt the pins on Pinterest. Judging by my first attempt... This should be interesting...

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