January 21, 2015

Bad Eggs

I was requested to do this cute little pin and I have to say I was really excited to do it. Here is the link to the original:

And here is my version:

First things first, boil six eggs...and I have already messed this thing up... First things first, boil five eggs.

Put all of your ingredients and supplies on a TV tray in the living room while "Dance Moms" is playing on the TV. Yes, "Dance Moms" is required. Haven't you heard of ambiance? Ingredients include: mayonnaise, peppercorn, boiled eggs, mustard, and carrots.

Slice up a carrot and a little off the bottom of the eggs so they will stand up straight.

Cut a half inch off the top of the egg, this will be the top.

This hardest part is scooping out the yolk because the opening is so small. As you can see my first try ended up with a large hole in the bottom.

I suggest using a toothpick. It is a bit more time consuming but it doesn't tear and leave a large hole.

Mix your filling, throw in a sandwich bag, and cut off the end.

Assemble your deviled chick: put the filling in, add the eyes (I suggest pairing the peppercorns to make sure the size matches up). Cut your carrots into triangles for the beak and cut your slices in half for the feet. I put my extra egg whites at the bottom of the eggs that were weaker at the bottom so the filling didn't come out.

And that's it! Meet Howie, Nick, Brian, Kevin, and AJ.

Again, super easy and they came out so cute! Did you notice I kept my puns to a minimum?

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