January 26, 2015

No Spit Left Behind

My sister in-law got everyone awesome Christmas gifts this year. is a company that analyzes DNA to reveal clues about your ancestry. I assumed Aaron's would be the same as his sister's because they come from the same parents. I was wrong. I'm guessing this has to do with what chromosomes hide... Or something... Don't tell anyone I teach science..

Anyway Aaron's basic information came back and surprise surprise, he is mainly scotch/Irish with a tiny bit of German/French.

My spit is very shy and they have to work a little harder to get any information out of it. Of course, make the adopted kid wait. I'm really curious to see what I am made out of. I have a pretty good idea with my mother's side but no idea who my father even is. 

So stay tuned. I might only be half human and that is probably why they are struggling. 

I feel like the kid who can't color in a bubble sheet properly for a standardized test. No spit left behind.

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