January 29, 2015

Oh! You Pretty Thing!

I made a promise to myself that it would be a really long time until I tried another pin from Pinterest that had anything to do with hair or makeup.

Well, I'm a liar.

This pin says you can get rid of dark circles using red lipstick.

Obligatory before picture

Okay... Definitely can't see dark circles in this picture...  But I swear I have them

You're supposed to put red lipstick on your dark circles. The opposing colors are supposed to neutralize each other. I tried a red lip crayon and a pink lipstick. Don't I just look glamorous...

By the way, this is Aaron's face when he walked on me doing this. One must sacrifice her dignity when blogging.

After you put lipstick on, you put your regular concealer over it.

Well, after put layers upon layers  on, this is the result. In the picture , the pink side looks way better, but in real life it looks like I put layer upon layer of concealer on top of lipstick.

I'm not saying this doesn't work, officially. I probably don't have the right products. I used BB Cream instead of concealer, so that is more than likely why it didn't work. And maybe I am just doomed to be terrible with makeup. I really don't think the purpose of makeup is to make one look sicker than pre application.  

By the way... still working on getting lipstick off my skin. No one better ask if I'm not feeling well at work tomorrow...

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