February 6, 2015

Feeling Groovy

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I first saw this post on YouTube (one of my favorite pastimes) and I thought it definitely would be too hard to try. I have not painted my fingernails since middle school. I think I just gave up. My left hand always turned out better than the other and it wouldn't last more than a couple of days. 

'Tis the season to test pins out so I am going to do a series within a series. Possible names that were narrowed down for this series sandwich are as follows: Pinailterest, Pin the Nail on the Interest, Pinterpaint, Finger Paint, I Am terrible At All Things Related to Beauty and I Should Be Ashamed That My Very Straight Mechanic Brother is a lot Better At Fashion and Painting Nails than I am, or Nailed it.

Here is what I am tempting today:

Okay, this one requires a bowl of water, various colors of nail polish, nail polish remover, and Elmers glue.

No, my finger is not growing a beard. Putting glue around your finger is supposed to make it easier to clean up afterward. Another suggestion is tape.

Let a drop from your first color spread.

Make a mess and drop the lid into the water. It looked like the brush tried to take my thumb down with it.

Start again... And only the red spreads

Turns out, my fast dry spread well, the other colors formed a ball.

Nope. Looks like a scary skin disease. One more time...

I made it work. Put the fast dry polish down, put dots of the other polish on top, take a toothpick,mix, and...

Stick your finger in parallel to the ground. See kids, it is important to know the difference between parallel and perpendicular.

Looks scary now, but trust me, I meant to do that.

 I painted the right finger white first and as you can see, it comes out a lot lighter.

Peel your first layer of skin off, your epidermis if you will, and clean the rest with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

And voila! The right one suffered an unfortunate collision with a TV tray.

I'd say that it turned out pretty well. It exceeded my expectations. Maybe a topcoat would make it look smoother. I thought it was going to turn out something like this:

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