February 12, 2015

Read It and Weep

I've been wanting to do this pin for a while. If you get bored, you can start reading your nails, as long as you can read it backwards.

Supplies needed: rubbing alcohol, white nail polish, glue, and newspaper*

No newspaper so no one from "AAA Well Service" to "Beal" in Lovington will be getting love via phone call from us anytime soon.

Why is painting with white nail polish so hard? I will never make nail polish look smooth. Not pictured is me sticking my painted finger in rubbing alcohol for two seconds. I was worried what would happen if I stuck it in there too long.

Rub desired print on desired spot on desired finger on desired* person.

*Please don't rub newspaper on person you have a crush on. 

I tried to rub the "lov" part of "Lovington" to go along with the Valentines theme. It more looks like "0" is greater than... and leaves you with a cliffhanger. Also, I don't have a top coat, so maybe that would leave my nail looking less hairy. When will sloppy looking nails ever be in style?



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