February 7, 2015


I love the texture of these nails! Yesterday's nails (which seemed harder) turned out alright, so these seem possible, right?

You're supposed to paint one coat and then another coat on top of that. My plan was to do three coats to make this quilt appear fluffier. Unfortunately, I didn't wait long enough. Take two!

Use floss to make straight lines. 

Oh, this is just lovely. Take three, this time with a toothpick.

Why can't I have the fine motor skills of a lady? Is there some class I missed that taught you to do this all of this? 

This is disgusting. Seriously looks like I took my fingernail off and I am looking at the skin underneath...

I learned how to talk like a lady at the same finishing school that taught me how to paint my nails. 

The toothpick didn't take paint off with it. But it was harder to keep it straight. Also, I tried to fix it by adding white dots.


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