February 17, 2015


We have reached the end of my series within a series. As my husband put it, "isn't your nail thing over, yet?" Yes, oh patient one. Oh yes, it is over. So our Pinterest finale, pinale if you will, will be coming from this link "Simple" and artsy nail design using tape.

First one requires a base coat with a couple of thin strips of tape layed on top. Paint, and...

Oh, look at the flawless detail. It looks nothing like a smashed fingernail. 

Not sure what happened with the last two pictures but it is basically the same concept. Paint a base coat, lay tape, and paint a top coat. It worked so well for the first one.

This nail pretty much sums up my whole experience with trying out pins.

Of course, they weren't complete failures. If I had nail polish remover this one would have been perfect.

Oh no. I don't have nail polish. This lovely teacher is going to show up to work like this...

Okay, time to try one more pin.

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