February 15, 2015

Pretty Duckling, Obviously


This pin was sent to me as a suggestion and it looks so cute, I couldn't resist! By the way, I have one more pin to try out for my nail series before I put away all things related to nail polish up for good, so if you have a pin you would love for me to try, please let me know!

I ran out of nail polish remover, so I have been walking around with this infected-looking nail.

Start with a yellowish color. Mine is called "Mystery Pumpkin." I would love to have that job- naming colors.

Put tape on and take off all the nail polish. Lovely.

Start with a blankish pallet and with a thin strip of tape.

 Paint a couple of coats; I added glitter. The name of that is "Pretty Duckling," obviously.

Peel off tape and... Awful, just awful.

Take three...

No tape involved. Just detail the nail with black nail polish. You could stop right there and have a Trekkie for a nail.

Or you could add an eyeball and end up with this little guy.

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