July 8, 2016


Last week, the church put on Vacation Bible School for our town of Seagraves. This was my second year to be director and it was just pure fun.

Now, being a director has more responsibility than just the prep work of ordering the materials and getting enough helpers. My job during VBS is literally* putting out small fires.

One of those examples would be on Monday, when we discovered that we did not have enough cups or napkins for  the snack rotation. I had fifteen minutes to run to Dollar General. Now we may be a small town, but we at least have a Dollar General... so I ran in the store and grabbed everything I needed. Of course, my hands were not big enough for the amount of items I selected. I juggled tumbled, and fumbled my way to the counter and... no one was there. Like, I could not find anyone who worked there. Usually there is a little bell but the bell wasn't working that day. Finally, I just started yelling, "is there anyone that can check me out?" A cashier came to my rescue... slowly... and then because I have a chip in my debit card, I was punished by having to insert it into the machine the "special" way that takes 100 years longer.

That being said, we had a really good turn out of kids this year. It was honestly just a lot of fun! This year, Aaron and I did skits in the opening and closing rally. I was Jules, he was Verne. Get it? Jules Verne? I'm not going to lie, Aaron had to point that one out to me. Our sanctuary was decorated as a submarine and Jules and Verne were crew members. It was such a fun way to introduce to the kids what they were learning that day. At one point I had to fight an octopus off stage. Which, I guess I am a pretty good actress because all day long I had kids coming up to me and saying things like, "do you remember when that octopus grabbed your leg?" or "what color was the octopus?" or "why did you let the octopus on the submarine?" My favorite was when a little boy from our church asked if Aaron was my boyfriend because he saved me.

Kids are the best! I love their imagination and I wish I could have captured each of their faces as they suddenly were in the deep blue ocean and out of West Texas every time they entered the church.

*Not literally, I just like to mess with my husband... He hates when people use "literally" incorrectly. No literal fires were involved with VBS.

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