June 16, 2016

My Short White Legs (or) My New Years Resolution to Blog More: Day 1

My New Year's resolution was to start posting on my blog again, do a pull-up by the end of the year, and lose ten pounds. It is mid-June and this is my first blog post of 2016, I haven't even attempted a pull-up and I am pretty sure I gained ten pounds.

I am rocking 2016.

Honestly, I am not entirely sure why I stopped blogging for a while. Perhaps part of it is that because I am constantly hearing how selfish millennials are with all of our social media. Being one myself, I wondered if blogging is included. The word "millennial" has become such a dirty word. I am ready to not have being born in between the years of 1982 and 2004 haunt me. 

The other reason is it's hard to get it started when you have been gone for a while.

We came back from youth camp today and it was such an awesome experience, I figured it was blog-worthy (and hopefully not seen as selfish).

Youth camp was awesome! This is the fourth year we have taken our kids to Circle Six outside of Stanton. This was my first time going as a sponsor so I wasn't sure what to expect. The band, Sixteen Cities used songs that are scripture based, which pleased my music minister husband who is not a fan 7/11 songs (seven words eleven times). I am always a little bit anxious with these bands that are geared toward youth because sometimes they turn to giving concerts, speaking from experience, of course. They were very good at making the worship about God. And not as important, but kind of important, they were very talented.

I also appreciated the speaker, Ky Martin. He wasn't a speaker who manipulated kids just to get a quota of salvation decisions. His sermons were very applicable to our generation, especially. He talked about how having a relationship with God is like a marriage, we may have passion at times but emotions are fleeting. We need to also be devoted, and that includes reading the bible, prayer, mediation, and going to church.

Of course the kids had a lot of fun in between worship. There was zip lining, archery, rifle range, pool, paint ball, and gaga ball. And I loved bonding them with fun games and coming back with a lot of inside jokes (that's where the title came from).

First thing that popped up when I googled gaga ball.

I included a picture of gaga ball because I figured I wasn't the only who didn't know what it was. Basically you try to hit other kids feet with the ball to get them out.

I love that our anniversary fell on the last day. It is definitely representative of what we want our marriage to be: serving the Lord.

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