June 3, 2012

A Stolen Ring, Fear of Spiders, and a Sinister Stranger

I have decided that I would like to blog more; however, I am going to add some creative writing rather than just talk about my life. I am using to get my ideas. Today's challenge is to combine the following elements to make a short story: a stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger. Riley and Noah Shorne are looking at some dusty toys in an antique store while their grandma is talking with the shopowner about a painting for what seems like an eternity to two kids who had just finished the fourth grade. Suddenly the children hear a scream coming from the second floor of the building. Being more adventurous than her brother, Riley starts climbing up the stairs to take a look at whatever caused this woman to panic. Noah is a little more hesitant but feels a man should protect his sister. The twins run to see a woman pointing and staring in horror at the wall. The two pairs of eyes turn to see it is just a spider. Riley tries to hide her snickering as Noah takes his shoe off to kill it. The blushing woman thanks the children and says she knows it is rather silly to be scared of a spider but she has a fear of them, however irrational it may be. She precedes to tell Riley and Noah about a time she woke up and there was a spider on her forehead! She is talking with so much excitement that she flings her hand and accidently hits a stranger that no one noticed before. The man appears to be sinister in nature as he towers over the three. Noah notices the arachnophobic woman stepping back and he does the same. Riley has goosebumps but she stands her ground until Noah pulls on her elbow. The man opened his mouth to reveal a voice that is so deep that it causes Riley's goosebumps to have goosebumps. He laughs holding a bracelet telling the woman to be careful who she hits because she might lose something that is valuable to her. The woman yanks the bracelet from the man and runs off with the children not too far behind her. The siblings are running so fast they almost run into their grandma. As they are apologizing they overhear the shopowner talking on the phone. "Yes, I am at 412 Main Street. I need to report a burglary. A diamond ring. No, this isn't my wedding ring, I- I own an antique shop and this is a very valuable ring. I really don't want to discuss the price over the phone..." Riley and Noah couldn't hear too much more because their grandma started asking them where they wanted to eat. Riley brushed past her grandma, leaving Noah to apologize for her. She told the shop owner about the sinister stranger upstairs. The shop owner listened carefully and then asked her to describe the man. Then she asked if he had a woman with him. Noah walked up and said they were talking with a woman before the man showed up but they didn't seem to know each other. Suddenly, the inhabitants of the shop turn their heads as they hear a loud crash outside. A policeman that has just pulled up to talk to the shopowner drives over to block a car that is trying to drive off after crashing into the Goodwill across the street. The policeman shouts at the couple in the car to come out with their hands up! The people who come out of the car are none other than the sinister stranger and the arachnophobic woman. A week later, a newspaper with the title "Theifing Couple Caught!" reveals the seemingly strangers have been going to antique stores across Texas. The woman creates diversions while the man does the actual taking. They have an extensive knowledge of valuable antiques- jewelry especially. The woman revealed that the last shop they were at, she meant for the shopowner to come "rescue her from a spider" but got "two brats" instead. The man laughed and said that the shopowner was already distracted with an old lady and a painting and that antique stores are really easy to steal from.

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