June 2, 2012

My Crazy is too Loud

Two weeks away from my wedding and I'm on my period. Sorry if that last bit of information scares you away from reading the rest of this post but this one is going to be brutally honest, I'm afraid. Wedding time is an emotional time. For example, as I was taking bridal portraits, anytime someone mentioned the way I looked I started crying. This week, my body has decided to add a little bit of fun in the mix. As a result, every one of my pet peeves is heightened. Here is a fun little story to show that I am not exactly perfect. We were in Kohls buying *cough cough* honeymoon items and there was a man in the section. Normally this wouldn't bother me but remember, everything annoys me at this point. So not only is there a man, he keeps making mouth noises to his baby. I do not hate babies, just mouth noises. So the whole time I am leafing through the racks I hear the rasberry noises over and over again. Remember, I am just extra sensitive at this point. I get my selections to try on in the dressing room and this guy and his family is blocking the way. Instead of being a normal person and excusing my way through there, I make a point to go all the way around. My mom wanted me to grab one more thing and I said loud enough for the sweet family to hear that I couldn't come and grab it because it took me forever to make it to the dressing room. Oh I am classy! They move their cart out of my way and I sheepishly walk by because I have my normal person in my head screaming at me to calm down but I can't hear her because my crazy is too loud. Okay, now I'm in the dressing room and there is this incessant beeping noise in the background. I try on my first garment and I immediately start crying. Who the heck actually looks good in these things? The whole point is for them to not be forgiving and that is exactly what's happening. I'm working on trying on all of these clothes, trying to look at them as if I wasn't on my period and the beeping noise is still in the background. My mom comes in the dressing room area and asks if they are fitting and all I can say is that the beeping noise is driving me crazy, trying to cover up the fact that I am crying irrationally. Thankfully she was polite enough not to say anything. Long story short, I did not end up with anything. I'm not normally like this. It's definitely a combination of things. Please still talk to me after reading this blog.

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