July 23, 2013

Amish Terrarium (197-203)

Sorry for the late blog post!

Day 197

Anytime I think of contracts, I think of those you see in the cartoons with the endless pages and small print you would need a powerful microscope to read. Well I signed mine today and it was only four pages. If there was any small print, I missed it. I did forget to bring my microscope so who knows what hidden assignments I may have signed up for.

Day 198

We found a caterpillar in the house! I had all these plans to provide him a habitat so we could watch him transform into a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately, shortly after this picture was taken, he was poisoned from the chemicals the exterminator used to keep out vermin.

Day 199

It was parents night for VBS which included the kids showing off the songs they learned and Frito pie. The pastor's son, who plays for the Chicago Bears, came up to talk to the kids and sign autographs.

Day 200

After having our last bible story time at VBS, the kids had a carnival. This was the one day I got through the lesson before time was up so the kids helped me take down all the decorations. They were really excited because I let them take the decorations home. Maybe looking at a streamer will help them remember the "ABCs of Christianity."

Day 201

I am giving you this action-packed photo because the other picture would have been of me and Aaron napping most of the day. We definitely needed a rest day because VBS can take it out of you. We did end up watching two horror movie spoofs. I have now caught the bug and am looking for more of those movies.

Day 202

I know this sounds silly, but I am really jealous of Aaron's lawn mowing ability. It's like an art when he does it. I actually really like mowing the lawn but He has been doing it a lot longer than me. My dad had a riding lawn mower and didn't trust me with it.

Day 203

I was so impressed with Aaron working so hard last week for VBS I wanted to give him a surprise. I found a way to make a homemade iPhone projector so I had planned to have us camp out in the backyard and watch movies. Unfortunately the projector isn't powerful enough for outside so we just watched a movie on my phone and played "The Office Trivia Game." That's my excuse for not having this blog up on time. By the time we finished the game, it was way late and Aaron needed to go to work in the morning.

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