August 5, 2013

Fruit Snacks are the Start of a Beautiful Friendship (204-217)

This post is going to include two weeks. Our internet wasn't working last Monday and we were on vacation the rest of the week.

Day 204

Where would we be without Pinterest? I spent all of today planning a "Christmas in August" party for our church choir. Date still pending.

Day 205

Our front room has been such an eye sore. I have always tried to have the door closed anytime guests are over because we hadn't gotten to organizing that room yet. It was a lot of work but I turned the "junk drawer" room into a man cave for Aaron. We have changed the room since this picture: the zebra print shelf was moved to my craft room (see day 206), Aaron added a TV and a PS2, and the shelf I put up fell. That was frustrating. I spent forever trying for find the studs and it didn't matter. I am anti-shelves now.

Day 206

Still being in the decorating spirit, I tackled the last eye-sore of the house: our second guest bedroom. I put most of the things that were occupying the room, old toys both sets of parents made us take, and put them in the closet. There was a table in our shed so I set that up and voila! A craft room.

Day 207

Our youth minister was having a bridal shower Sunday, so Aaron and I drove up to Lubbock to get her a gift. Bed Bath and Beyond makes you wrap your own presents at their gift wrap station. That is a lot of pressure to wrap a wedding present. Here is my attempt.

Day 208

We took Lucy on a walk at the appropriately named "Walking Park." I will always associate that park with the day Aaron and I were waiting to be voted on by the church for Aaron's position as music minister.

Day 209

Today was a busy day. After church, we had the bridal shower for our youth minister and then we went to First Baptist in Seminole to hear a former Mormon talk to us about the religion and how to witness to them.

Day 210

Although we haven't received a bill or account number, our internet service provider decided to punish us for not paying our bill by canceling the internet, so I took a lot of Lucy pictures.

Day 211

Aaron and I FINALLY got an opportunity to go to Austin to meet my brand new baby niece!

Before that, we stopped in Abilene to see my friend, Kayla. I needed to give back books I borrowed to study for my certification exams and I gave her a birthday present that consisted of a Dawson's Creek book, patriotic bracelets, and a slushy maker. Lucy and Lily, Kayla's baby, had fun playing together. Lily was a trooper for putting up with Lucy's tail constantly wagging in her face.

Day 212

Aaron and I waited three hours to eat what Texas Monthly named the number one barbecue in Texas. Franklin's used to be a food trailer service, but just recently moved into a building. We rented chairs from a smart entrepreneur and only got a little sunburned while talking to tourists around us.

Day 213

After having hip replacement surgery over a month ago, my mother decided to brave the caves of Georgetown with me, Aaron, and my niece, Elizabeth. This very outgoing girl from New Jersey befriended Elizabeth while we were waiting for our tour to start. She sealed the deal by providing fruit snacks. They held hands the whole time and New Jersey helped Elizabeth be brave, even if she scared her at first by talking about spiders and bats. At the end of the tour, they declared themselves to be best friends. Elizabeth can't remember her name. It either starts with an 'e' or an 'm'.

Day 214

The day consisted of us hanging out with Aaron's best man before he had to go to work, going through my mom's storage to find Christmas decorations to borrow for the party coming up, and hanging out with Elizabeth in the afternoon. My mom is required to carry a cane with her in public so no one will run into her due to her new hip. Elizabeth uses it to pull my mom places.

Day 215

After traveling all day to get back to Seagraves from Austin, I decided to move some things around in the kitchen. I removed the cabinet doors above the stove to make it a display shelf for all of my lunch boxes. I also moved my microwave to a cabinet. I have so much more space now. Aaron is such a trooper for my constant home-improvement ideas.

Day 216

We had such a fun time in Austin playing tourists; however, we needed a vacation from our vacation, puppy included.

Day 217

My co-teacher and I met up today to organize our room. This is the before, I didn't take the after mainly because we have a lot still to do. I am excited, nervous, and anxious about this school year starting. Our class is going to consist of 50 students, 2 teachers, and 1 teacher assistant. Let the games begin!

Oh, and here is one more picture of my newest niece, Roxie:

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