July 23, 2013

Amish Terrarium (197-203)

Sorry for the late blog post!

Day 197

Anytime I think of contracts, I think of those you see in the cartoons with the endless pages and small print you would need a powerful microscope to read. Well I signed mine today and it was only four pages. If there was any small print, I missed it. I did forget to bring my microscope so who knows what hidden assignments I may have signed up for.

Day 198

We found a caterpillar in the house! I had all these plans to provide him a habitat so we could watch him transform into a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately, shortly after this picture was taken, he was poisoned from the chemicals the exterminator used to keep out vermin.

Day 199

It was parents night for VBS which included the kids showing off the songs they learned and Frito pie. The pastor's son, who plays for the Chicago Bears, came up to talk to the kids and sign autographs.

Day 200

After having our last bible story time at VBS, the kids had a carnival. This was the one day I got through the lesson before time was up so the kids helped me take down all the decorations. They were really excited because I let them take the decorations home. Maybe looking at a streamer will help them remember the "ABCs of Christianity."

Day 201

I am giving you this action-packed photo because the other picture would have been of me and Aaron napping most of the day. We definitely needed a rest day because VBS can take it out of you. We did end up watching two horror movie spoofs. I have now caught the bug and am looking for more of those movies.

Day 202

I know this sounds silly, but I am really jealous of Aaron's lawn mowing ability. It's like an art when he does it. I actually really like mowing the lawn but He has been doing it a lot longer than me. My dad had a riding lawn mower and didn't trust me with it.

Day 203

I was so impressed with Aaron working so hard last week for VBS I wanted to give him a surprise. I found a way to make a homemade iPhone projector so I had planned to have us camp out in the backyard and watch movies. Unfortunately the projector isn't powerful enough for outside so we just watched a movie on my phone and played "The Office Trivia Game." That's my excuse for not having this blog up on time. By the time we finished the game, it was way late and Aaron needed to go to work in the morning.

July 15, 2013

Tour de Seagraves (190-196)

Almost forgot to put this blog out today!

Day 190

One of our church members hitched a ride with us while we drove to Lubbock. Aaron needed to go to Lifeway to look at Christmas musicals. It was also a good excuse for us to go up there for my birthday. I forgot to take a picture of my present, so here it is via a Wal-Mart picture:

Day 191

I decorated my room for VBS. The theme is "Colossal Coaster World." I am not really sure I captured that in my decoration, but at least it's colorful.

Day 192

We had another "women of faith" potluck lunch at church. As was the case today, it is rare for Baptist women to get together and not discuss or watch a clip about Beth Moore.

Day 193

I was not feeling well. I had a killer migraine, didn't have an appetite, and had an asthma attack. I made use of one our guest rooms, which is the darkest room in the house, and slept the whole day.

Day 194

We finally did some much needed shopping for groceries in Seminole. It is almost always guaranteed the majority of the people shopping there are Mennonites. To be honest, I don't really know much about them, except they are Christian,hard workers, and speak old German. I have been really interested in learning more, but Aaron won't let me go up to one randomly and ask about it. Apparently, that's odd.

Day 195

While looking at a map, Aaron discovered that there is a lake really close to us. After church we loaded the dog and headed up there. Unfortunately, it's only open on the weekdays, so we decided just to go to a park in Seagraves and picnic there.

Day 196

Today was our first day of VBS and I ended up with 19 third and fourth graders. Some of my kiddos at VBS are going to be in my class whenever school starts. I haven't told them, just so I don't have to act so "teachery" while I am at church, but I have tried to discreetly figure out who is going to be in my class.

July 8, 2013

Two Pennyworth of Beautiful Soup(182-188)

Stacks of cards, six practice tests, over a thousand pages studied, countless study sessions, and a supportive husband have lead to passing two tests that stood in the way of me becoming a certified teacher. I put a lot of pressure on myself by waiting until I got hired to even take the tests. I put even more pressure on myself for scheduling the tests one week apart from each other. I found the results for the PPR two days after taking it but it took five days to find out about the Generalist. I think this is because I took the Generalist July 3rd and everyone was on holiday. The pressure of the tests is finally over and I actually uttered the words "I should go shopping for groceries but I think I am just going to watch TV all day."

Day 182

Today, one of my eggs exploded while I was hard-boiling them. I named it Repunzel.

Aaron also serenaded the whole town of Seagraves while I was grilling outside.

Day 183

After taking the generalist, I went to Lowes to get some flowers for my garden. I think they turned out pretty great!

Day 184

Every year, Hardin-Simmons' Cowboy Band plays at Stamford fair and rodeo. Alumni and incoming freshmen are invited to play, so it is a great way to keep the traditions of the CBB alive. I enjoy going because I love rodeos.

Day 185

Today we played tourist in Abilene by going to the zoo and Prime Time, which is a family entertainment center. Both Aaron and I used to work at Prime Time so it was weird going back as customers. We also got to meet up with one of my best friends from college and her baby, Lily.

Day 186

Aaron's grandparents live close to Abilene so we usually stay with them when we are in town. Aaron's grandfather is a retired farmer, so we usually end up with an abundance of vegetables. Today's collection included peppers, corn, and onions. We also got a chance to see my in-laws new house that should be finished within a couple of weeks.

Day 187

Aaron had his first major program as a music minister. The music focused on worship songs composed by Americans. It turned out really well and I am so proud of how well he organized and lead the choir.

Day 188

We had plumbers come to work on our kitchen pipes. The pipes were filled with rust so they needed to be replaced. We celebrated their hard work by observing the water go down the sink quickly. It is the little things in life.

One of our church members dropped by and gave us a zucchini from his garden. It's huge! I am going to have to find a soup recipe for all these vegetables I have accumulated.

July 1, 2013

Puppies Be Crazy (175-181)

This week I took the PPR and passed with flying colors! I still have the Generalist, which I am taking this next week. It's a lot more challenging.

Day 175

We had a plumber come check out our kitchen sink/ dishwasher. After inspecting our roof, it was determined that our pipes have done their job of collecting rust and dust and they are ready to retire. I would throw a retirement party for them, but they have become disgruntled workers and do nothing for the company. It is time to be replaced by the young guys. Yes, this is a case of age discrimination.

Day 176

Aaron took me out on a celebration lunch to our favorite local restaurant for finishing the PPR. I am sufficiently spoiled.

Day 177

I try not to put the pictures that I post on Facebook on here; however, nothing exciting happened today so you are stuck seeing a repeat project of what I made out of a cereal box- my new mailbox!

Day 178

My dog had a much needed bath which was followed by her interpretation of the Macarena.

Day 179

The guest bathroom got a makeover courtesy of Dollar General. It is now rivaling the guest bedroom for my favorite room in the house. The master bedroom/bathroom has a long way to go to get to a room I don't mind showing off; however, that has to come after I get my front garden finished.

Day 180

A couple that goes to our church took us out for lunch at a steakhouse in Denver City, which is a town right next to Seagraves. Time passed quickly as we talked to them for a while. They took us for a tour, since we only came once to get groceries. The "Jesus statue" pictured above is on a Catholic building which is next to Denver City's football stadium; consequently, he is known as "touchdown Jesus."

Most of the churches of Seagraves get together every couple of months for a Ministerial Alliance to worship God. It was my first time going and I am really glad I went. The principal I will be working under was one of the song leaders. How many people can say that?

Day 181

About a month ago, Aaron and I found a pallet and a rusty saw. I finally put it to use by making a welcome sign. It took a really long time to cut through the wood with our less-than-efficient-saw, but we finally got it to a point where we could snap it in half. There was green paint in our shed that matched the shutters and I already had the "antique-white" paint I used for the letters. So there you go, a welcome sign for $0. You're welcome

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