July 15, 2013

Tour de Seagraves (190-196)

Almost forgot to put this blog out today!

Day 190

One of our church members hitched a ride with us while we drove to Lubbock. Aaron needed to go to Lifeway to look at Christmas musicals. It was also a good excuse for us to go up there for my birthday. I forgot to take a picture of my present, so here it is via a Wal-Mart picture:

Day 191

I decorated my room for VBS. The theme is "Colossal Coaster World." I am not really sure I captured that in my decoration, but at least it's colorful.

Day 192

We had another "women of faith" potluck lunch at church. As was the case today, it is rare for Baptist women to get together and not discuss or watch a clip about Beth Moore.

Day 193

I was not feeling well. I had a killer migraine, didn't have an appetite, and had an asthma attack. I made use of one our guest rooms, which is the darkest room in the house, and slept the whole day.

Day 194

We finally did some much needed shopping for groceries in Seminole. It is almost always guaranteed the majority of the people shopping there are Mennonites. To be honest, I don't really know much about them, except they are Christian,hard workers, and speak old German. I have been really interested in learning more, but Aaron won't let me go up to one randomly and ask about it. Apparently, that's odd.

Day 195

While looking at a map, Aaron discovered that there is a lake really close to us. After church we loaded the dog and headed up there. Unfortunately, it's only open on the weekdays, so we decided just to go to a park in Seagraves and picnic there.

Day 196

Today was our first day of VBS and I ended up with 19 third and fourth graders. Some of my kiddos at VBS are going to be in my class whenever school starts. I haven't told them, just so I don't have to act so "teachery" while I am at church, but I have tried to discreetly figure out who is going to be in my class.

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