July 1, 2013

Puppies Be Crazy (175-181)

This week I took the PPR and passed with flying colors! I still have the Generalist, which I am taking this next week. It's a lot more challenging.

Day 175

We had a plumber come check out our kitchen sink/ dishwasher. After inspecting our roof, it was determined that our pipes have done their job of collecting rust and dust and they are ready to retire. I would throw a retirement party for them, but they have become disgruntled workers and do nothing for the company. It is time to be replaced by the young guys. Yes, this is a case of age discrimination.

Day 176

Aaron took me out on a celebration lunch to our favorite local restaurant for finishing the PPR. I am sufficiently spoiled.

Day 177

I try not to put the pictures that I post on Facebook on here; however, nothing exciting happened today so you are stuck seeing a repeat project of what I made out of a cereal box- my new mailbox!

Day 178

My dog had a much needed bath which was followed by her interpretation of the Macarena.

Day 179

The guest bathroom got a makeover courtesy of Dollar General. It is now rivaling the guest bedroom for my favorite room in the house. The master bedroom/bathroom has a long way to go to get to a room I don't mind showing off; however, that has to come after I get my front garden finished.

Day 180

A couple that goes to our church took us out for lunch at a steakhouse in Denver City, which is a town right next to Seagraves. Time passed quickly as we talked to them for a while. They took us for a tour, since we only came once to get groceries. The "Jesus statue" pictured above is on a Catholic building which is next to Denver City's football stadium; consequently, he is known as "touchdown Jesus."

Most of the churches of Seagraves get together every couple of months for a Ministerial Alliance to worship God. It was my first time going and I am really glad I went. The principal I will be working under was one of the song leaders. How many people can say that?

Day 181

About a month ago, Aaron and I found a pallet and a rusty saw. I finally put it to use by making a welcome sign. It took a really long time to cut through the wood with our less-than-efficient-saw, but we finally got it to a point where we could snap it in half. There was green paint in our shed that matched the shutters and I already had the "antique-white" paint I used for the letters. So there you go, a welcome sign for $0. You're welcome

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