June 24, 2013

Pioneer Women (167-174)

Day 167

I have found this bread making kit at our grocery store. It is really easy and I get to pretend that I am an awesome baker for making bread. I had it sitting out to rise three times longer than the directions called for, which resulted in a giant monstrosity of the wheat variety.

Day 168

Today, we had a haboob. For you non-West Texans, a haboob is basically a sandstorm. I remember my freshmen year of college I looked up and I couldn't figure out why the sky was orange. Oh, us non-natives are a riot.

Day 169

We have been having problems with our plumbing in the kitchen. The dishwasher can't clean the dishes because the junk from the sink gets all over the dishes. The sink takes an hour to drain and the disposal is a total pain. Cleaning dishes is an adventure in itself.

Day 170

Aaron's mom is finishing up her masters degree and is taking some classes in Lubbock over the summer, so Aaron and I took a day trip up there to see her and Aaron's dad. We finally got a tag for Lucy (the dog) and some food bowls. Poor thing has been eating out of one of my dishes and a lid.

Day 171

I have two tests coming up so I can finally be a certified teacher. I have been studying like crazy and am trying not to think about how important they are so I don't get too stressed. Oh goodness, I wish I was a better test taker.

Day 172

We had a work day moving all of the pews so we can get new carpet laid down. I skipped out of that one so I could study more.

Day 128

Sorry you get a boring picture of fries I made.I love cooking, which is good because there aren't a lot of restaurants in this town.

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