June 17, 2013

Hit the Road, Jack(160-166)

Day 160

In my effort to cook healthier things, I decided to bring fish into the mix. It was discovered by both me and the hubs that we are not fans of salmon. At all.

Day 161

We had a work day for VBS. I started out painting letters so I wouldn't mess things up too much, but then I got put in charge of building a roller coaster.

Day 162

We had a ladies' potluck luncheon at the church today and I got to meet one of my neighbors. I brought fudge, which the little kids really loved. I am sure I wasn't the cause for the kids' endless running around the church.

Day 163

We discovered that one of my favorite activities of running over screws is not good for the tire. So Aaron took off work to get the tire patched and the car bent the jack causing it to fall on the axle, being too low to the ground for us to put another jack under. Fortunately, we are AAA members. They had to use a tow truck to lift our car up enough to put a tire on. We finally got on the road for the weekend anniversary trip Aaron planned.

Day 164

We had fun checking off some places from a guidebook of strange places to visit in Texas. We left the book at home so we only managed to go to Buddy Holly-ville and the Silent Wings museum (not found in the book, but still interesting). It was a lot of fun and it was nice to get away.

Day 165

Today was baby dedication Sunday and the youth talked about their trip to camp. I love to see youth passionate about Christ. It brings a lot of hope.

Day 166

Our small town doesn't deliver mail so we have to go to the post-office. We got a sweet anniversary letter from Aaron's Mimi and Pawpaw and some things from my mom. I love snail-mail. I wish I was better at actually writing letters.

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