June 5, 2013

Airing my Dirty Laundry (147-154)

I am a full time Seagraves resident now! Also, as you can tell since I am publishing this post, we now have internet!

Day 147

Yesterday, I had a plan in place to use the Chic-fil-A gift card that was so graciously provided by the PTA. I drove up to the establishment after school and proceeded to forget that I had a gift card, paying in the more traditional fashion. As a result, I also ate Chic-fil-A the next day.

(Aaron helped me phrase that description)

Day 148

Aaron called me while I was on my way home from work. We made plans for him to come down that night so he could move the rest of my stuff to Seagraves the next day. He told me he was running late so I wasn't expecting him until 6:30. We talked as I drove home and as I turned the corner, he was standing there waiting for me! I was so surprised I almost forgot to put the car in park so I could run and hug him!

I also had a surprise for him, but mine was more godfather-esque. I had his stick horse from college, that he insists on keeping, greeting him when he got into bed.

Day 149

After saying my final goodbyes to my students, I headed up to Seagraves to be a full-time wife again. Aaron, I mean my puppy, made me a card to welcome me home.

Day 150

Aaron and I rewarded ourselves for working hard on the house (inside and out) with watermelon and Kool-Aid. I think that is a sign that summer has begun.

Day 151

The pastor and his two sons delivered our (much needed) washer and dryer. They also took some old furniture away that we had no use for. It was pretty funny seeing them sit on the couch in the trailer. It looked like some kind of ghetto parade.

Day 152

Being the gourmet chef that I am, I used string cheese as the topper to my chicken parmegiana.

Day 153

After supporting our local grocery store by buying several different wrenches until one actually fit, I finally got the washer and dryer to work. Like I said before, they were much needed.

Day 154

We were told our internet would be installed between 8 and 5 today. I was so excited to see them after waiting 7 1/2 hours, I am surprised I didn't run them off.

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