May 28, 2013

Eight Days a Week Day 139-146

So sorry this is a day late. We don't have internet in Seagraves yet and since it was a three day weekend, I had to wait until I was back in Midland to post. This is my last week in Midland! Aaron is coming down Thursday night and the men are moving the rest of the stuff while I am at work. In case you were wondering, I have not had to lift a finger throughout this entire move. It was a lot of hard work.

Day 139

This picture sums up my day. One of my students decided she wanted to see who was going to be the most stubborn. I hate those games. First, she refused to do a puzzle we gave her so we told her she had to finish the puzzle before she could eat lunch. Second, it was a fight to get her to sit in her chair to eat her lunch. Third, once she sat down, she immediately threw her entire meal on the floor. Fourth, I had to nag for a solid twenty minutes for her to pick up all of her rice and sauce-covered chicken. Fifth, her routine is to go to her chair to and grab a trinket for her reward for doing well at lunch. Obviously she didn't do well so I had her go to her chair but not receive any trinkets. She kept trying to scoot her chair around so I held it down with my feet. She responded by grabbing my stomach and then knocking over boxes of pencils and math counters. Sixth, I spent another twenty minutes nagging her to pick up all of those pencils.

Day 140

It was Lucy's day to get neutered. When I picked her up, she was being held by one of the staff. I was under the impression that various staff were fighting to hold her. She did very well and everyone was so impressed with how beautiful she is. She didn't need a "cone of shame" but I put a T-shirt on her the first night to keep her from licking her wounds.

Day 141

The PTA has been providing snacks and food all this week for all the teachers and staff. They have been so supportive this year.

Day 142

I got this view on my way to Seagraves in one town. I don't mind getting stuck behind tractors. In my opinion, no one is a harder worker than farmers.

Day 143

Aaron and I spent a lot of the day cleaning/ decorating the inside and watering/ fertilizing/ mowing the outside. I am guessing at this whole 'taking care of a lawn' thing.

Day 144

Today, Arrested Development came out on Netflix. Because we don't have internet yet, we watched it on our phones. When we got sick of looking at our phones, we watched The Office DVDs. Obviously we live a tough life.

Day 145

Whenever Lucy wasn't running around in the sprinkler, she was barking at it. For hours. I am sure the neighbors love us.

Day 146

Today I went shopping for stuff for the home. Clearly I am in a colorful mood.

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