May 6, 2013

Send in the Clowns (Day 119-125)

As I have talked about in previous posts, Aaron has already moved out to Seagraves and I will move out there once school lets out. I got to go up there this weekend and it was extremely difficult to leave but it is just four more weeks. I can do this.

Day 119

The kitty decided to help me pack by checking various box sizes. Surprisingly, that didn't help me as much as he thought it would.

Day 120

Well, I failed to take a picture of my car full of clothes Aaron failed to bring with him.

Day 121

Our school threw a talent show/ carnival as motivation for the kids for the fifth sixth weeks. I am sorry that this is the best picture I could put on here but I couldn't take a picture of the actual carnival because it would be illegal for me to put any pictures of students on here. My kids had so much fun, even the ones who have a hard time in large crowds.

Day 122

My family greeted me as I finally made it to my "weekend home" in Seagraves.

Day 123

We had a great day of sleeping in, taking walks around different parks, and casually unpacking. It is starting to come together and it is so exciting knowing we are going to be here for a while, like our future children will live in this house! Weird

Day 124

After officially joining FBC Seagraves, Aaron and I celebrated by eating some of my famous ribs. This is him in his newly decorated office! Doesn't he look right at home? I had to say "good-bye" and head back to Midland. It was extremely difficult, and I am not referring to when I got lost.

Day 125

Speaking of getting lost, I had to call Aaron for directions on how to turn on the grill. It ended up not being as intimidating as I thought. Of course my in-laws ended up not coming home because they had a surprise banquet. Maybe I will be a able to show off my newly found grill skills some other time.

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