August 19, 2013

I Want to Believe (225-231)

Day 225

Today, we had a church work day to finish renovations on the activity center downtown for the youth. Whenever the work was coming to an end, I decided to go on a little adventure behind all of the buildings.

A lot of the buildings are run down and it is going to take a lot to repair them. I still find beauty in them because all the fallen bricks and abandoned lots have history behind them.

Day 226

Our in-service was held mostly in the high-school cafeteria because that is the only place that can hold all of us. It also holds the business office. I got there early to turn in my W-4 and insurance preference and because I got there early, I got the privilege of rearranging furniture.

Day 227

One of the things that are supposed to be taught to fifth graders this year is managing money and income tax. We are doing that with our discipline/ reward system. We have jobs posted on the wall and they are supposed to fill out an application (some come with recommendation letters). They then have to pay bills; for example, they either have a choice to rent or buy their desk. They're behavior can also effect if they earn or lose money.

Day 228

Each grade is in charge of decorating their hallway with a college theme. Tuesday night was designated for that, but I think only one grade level actually managed to decorate their hallways that night. Way to go, A&M; you were represented well.

Day 229

Aaron and I took a day trip up to Roswell to celebrate the end of summer. We tried to go to the visitor's center like someone recommended but it took us forever to find it and once we did find it, there wasn't an alien to take a picture with like we were told. We did eat at some really good restaurants and visited a lot of really cool places. We went to a UFO museum, which isn't as eccentric as you would think. We also went to a couple of art museums, as well as a miniature art store, thinking it was a museum. We also went to a park that had a free zoo. It was a lot of fun. We'll probably go again, but not by ourselves.

Day 230

Today was a relaxing day of watching youtube videos about babies, costume makeup tutorials, and how to build a house. P.S., put the captions on, it is hilarious because they are never remotely close to being right.

Day 231

I finally did one of the pins I posted on pinterest and squeegeed a small section of the carpet. The sad thing is is, I just vacuumed yesterday.

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