August 12, 2013

Muddy Paws and Tomato Colored Faces (218-224)

Day 218

Lucy decided to take advantage of the rainy day and bathe herself in mud. There was even enough to coat my floors. She is so considerate.

Day 219

Our pastor and another man from our church went up to Moore, Oklahoma for a week to help clean up some debris, so Aaron was put in charge of Wednesday night prayer meeting, which included preaching and leading the prayer.

Day 220

We had a ladies luncheon at the church along with a surprise baby shower for one of the ladies that regularly comes. The baby was born in early July and he was precious. Last time I picked up a baby Aaron told me to "put that thing back." I think he is worried about me getting "baby fever."

Day 221

Ugh. I was lame and didn't take a picture.

Day 222

Aaron and I went to Lubbock to buy some teacher supplies. We also got Aaron an early birthday present (Xbox 360) and some other "home accessories" to finish decorating the master bedroom. It is officially my favorite room in the house! I love it! Actually, half of my decorations come from Dollar General,so it was nice to splurge and get a phone from Garden Ridge and the runner and lantern from Pier One.

Day 223

On our way to church, the sound guy called Aaron and told him he wouldn't be there so I got a crash course in running a sound board. Because Aaron asked the youth minister to run the words on the screen, I gave up my new-found talent so she and her new husband (who also knows how to run the sound) could sit together.

Day 224

Today was the first day of in-service. It was in the high-school cafeteria and included all the teachers. It definitely was appropriate being in the cafeteria because no matter how old you get, it is always hard being the new teacher. Especially if it is your first year of teaching. There was a kind teacher who let me pretend that we were having an intense conversation while I was waiting for my co-teacher to figure out where I was supposed to be sitting. I wonder if people know that they give me the same exact look whenever I tell them this is my first year. The look that says "you have no idea what you are getting yourself into," or "I wonder how long she'll last." While trying to give off that confidence vibe, I dropped a tomato on my dress. Oh boy,the overwhelming feeling strikes again.

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