February 8, 2015



Okay. This pin looks so easy, even I can't mess it up. Oh wait. I said that yesterday.

Here are all of the supplies needed (plus a toothpick and a needle). Back in my day, all we needed to paint our nails was a pair of pliers.

I love the glue trick. It is a training wheel I am never willing to give up.

Also, my nails are gross. And I look like I have thumbs for fingers. One can get really self-conscious with close-ups.

 Paint your nails and let them dry. Love this color! It's called "Gorgeous J."

You are supposed to use the pores of the band-aid to create Polk-a-dots. I tried sticking a toothpick through each hole to make sure the polish would go through.

Paint another color on top. I did two coats and let it dry. 

Didn't work. Surprise, surprise.

Okay, try again. I painted my nails, again, and let them dry longer.

This time I tried a needle to poke through the holes and...

Didn't work even more...

Painted my nails a third time, this time, I put the paint onto a toothpick a put it directly into each hole and...


Definitely didn't work. All I got out of this is that glue is awesome. And, I have thumb-fingers.

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