January 16, 2015

Radiated, Smoked and Mugged

The first apartment Aaron and I lived in when we got married had a kitchenette with no oven. I guess saying it had no oven is being repetitive since I said it was a kitchenette. I digress...

I became pretty familiar with using a microwave to cook (even more so than college) and one of my favorite recipes was a brownie in a cup.  It doesn't match the real thing, especially the texture, but I love that you can make one serving at a time. 

Now that I have moved up to the glamourous life of teaching, I have an oven! I still overuse the microwave. That being said, I found a skinny recipe for a brownie in a cup (110 calories) . This is the only one I found without yogurt included. Not that I am against yougurt as a theory, just never have it at home. Here is how it turned out for me: 

Step 1 spill flour on counter.

Step 2: Pose spraying generic Pam in mug, include unpedicured feet in shot. 

Step 3: Look for a measuring spoon that equals a tablespoon. Question organization skills.

Step 4: Douple check recipe to make sure it calls for baking soda. It doesnt. Baking powder.

Step 5: No vegetable oil... hopefully butter will work. 

Step 6: Break the microwave by asking it to heat something for thirty seconds. Butter still cold. Microwave has smoke coming out. Told you we use it a lot.

Step 7: Ask husband to get spare microwave (who doesn't have a spare). 

Step 8: Leave microwave in inconvenient spot on counter instead of scooting it to the space designated for a microwave.

Step 9: Eat brownie. 

Step 10: Months later, finally move the microwave to remember you bought fruit that one time.

The verdict? If regular brownie in a mug has a rubbery texture, this is a tire. Wasn't very good. Sometimes, the calories are worth it. 

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