August 29, 2010

Tearing Paper to Keep my Sanity

Here is the deal: I try not to write things about my boyfriend because I am a private person. Let's be honest. The people that only write about their boyfriends and how much they love them and how wonderful they are...well they make me vomit in my mouth repeatedly. (To put it delicately).  That being said, let me tell the third story I have done that involves the boy.

I have decided to switch churches in order to support him in his leading worship. It is such a cute church. The average size of the congregation is 25 (not a typo) and the average age is above the age of 55. I have visited once before but today was my first official day of the switch. I was a little nervous because I will be known as "Aaron's girlfriend" until they get to know be better. I can tell I will like the church though because one of the first things someone said to me when I was being introduced was, "Hey! It's Aaron's boss!"

On the weekends I work in the Arcade at Prime Time to make more money. To be honest, it is not that challenging of a job which in turn makes it one of my least favorite jobs. Saturday was okay because we were busy (150 or so members of Big Brother Big Sister). I was exhausted at the end of the day (eight hours of non stop running around) but I loved it because it kept me busy.

Today, however, I was stuck doing Lazer Tag and XD Theatre, which is a 4D theatre we have. I had four groups total in lazer tag and three groups total in XD. Fortunately I thought to bring my Soduko book. I also cleaned the arcade. Twice. That room is spotless. I ended up being so incredibly bored the sound of tearing  paper intrigued me. Have you ever payed attention to the sound? It echos! The last hour and a half I counted down the minutes, literally and converted the minutes into seconds.

Doing nothing in the Arcade helps me appreciates my job in Day Care. If you are bored, you aren't doing your job.

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