August 30, 2010

Prince Charming Captures the Heart of Another Woman

So if you don't know, I work at a day care. Actually I have officially worked there for about a year now. I guess that's a good sign if I haven't quit yet. My kids seemed to have been extra funny today.  For example:

Sarah and Camilla were looking at books. They both started Pre-K so I wouldn't say they have mastered the art of reading yet. Just when I walk over to them, Sarah picks up Cinderella and flips to a page that has Prince Charming's face on it and she says "Oh! What a handsome man!"

There is also a child who has a small case of Autism. Normally, Autistic children focus on one particular interest such as trains or ducks. My child focuses on vacuum cleaners. He loves them and will talk about them for hours if you let him. Well today, he kept talking about a factory. I went and sat next to him, asking what he was building with our Tinker Toys and he said he was building a factory. When I asked him what the factory made he said Easter Eggs. I, for one thing, was blown away by his creativity. Ten minutes later he comes to me and says that the factory is broken because someone stuck a screw driver into it. I wasn't entirely sure what he meant so I just smiled and nodded like I do with most four-year-olds. I wish I still had the imagination of when I was younger.

I remember when I was that age I could look at an object and that object would send me into this vivid daydream. I also remember being able to feel things when I dreamt, and they also used to be a lot more adventurous. Now my dreams are everyday things. Actually they are usually in black and white. My psychology major friend tells me that that means I associate black and white with classic movies, which I love, and I like making things simple. Yep, sounds about right to me.

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