September 15, 2010

Lamentation of the 'Grown up'

I find myself listening to "grown-up" radio stations. Okay, let me clear this up before you assume I'm going to become Hugh Hefner's next girlfriend. The "grown up" station I am referring to is KACU which plays music made from real instruments and they discuss real topics rather than who Paris was wearing while she went to buy a turquoise poncho for her rat-sized dog.

It's the kind of station my mother would play despite the protests of me and my brother. I actually was driving home from class yesterday and I was listening to them talk about quantum physics. I already heard them talk about this Sunday and yet I was still interested.

This makes me sad. It means that I am actually developing taste and I have a brain. It means that I am that much farther from my childhood. Goodbye childhood. I shall miss my trend-following, Backstreet Boy listening, boy obsessed life.

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