December 9, 2013

Shotgun Christmas Tree(330-336)

Day 330

Day 331

After church, our choir had an extra rehearsal with the kids' choir for our cantata on Sunday.

Day 332

We were learning about procedural texts this week so I had my students find recipes, either from their parents or they had to look it up in class. One of my students was so excited they decided to go ahead and make their recipe and brought me their result; a homemade tortilla. YUM!

I made a copy of another students' recipe because it was too tempting to resist and I just had to make it myself. The recipe called for a mini-muffin pan, which I didn't have, so I just made peanut butter cookies and stuck Reese's cups on them.

Day 333

We had a late start for school today. I had a time convincing my brain to join me at school, it was skating on the sidewalks outside.

Day 334

We had planned on going to a Christmas tree farm so we could get a live tree. That has always been a tradition of my families and I was so excited Aaron was sold on the idea. Unfortunately, the roads were still icy so we couldn't travel to Midland to borrow a truck from my in-laws. We drove to Seminole and bought our Christmas outfits and a few decorations. We looked everywhere to see if any stores were selling live trees but our search came up empty. Remembering that we saw a gas station in Brownfield was selling trees, we decided to go after church on Sunday. I was just thinking that it would be so nice if a place in Seagraves would sell trees when we noticed our local grocery store had just put out trees! We were going to put it on our roof but had the crazy idea to just put the seat down in the front and stuff it on in there.

Later that night we had our dress rehearsal for the choir program and a dinner afterward.

Day 335

We had our program today and it went great! I was so excited for Aaron as this was the first musical he directed.

Day 336

After months of preparation, UIL has finally arrived. Tomorrow is the big day! I stayed late after school to prepare for a sub and to get caught up on grades. I got home from school with the full intention of not moving from the couch for a couple of hours when I realized I completely forgot that I needed to make a side to contribute to the lunch we are providing for the other schools. Aaron and I ran to our grocery store and bought the easiest thing I could make--stuffing in a box. My mom would be so proud.

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