December 23, 2013

(344-350) 100th blog!

Day 344

The third grade presented their Christmas program. They did such a good job!

Day 345

At school, we had an ornament exchange in which we held the ornament we brought and pass it to the right or left, depending on the directions. We had to change how we did it because half of the participants weren't there for one reason or another. We put the ornaments on a rug and moved ourselves right or left. I am sure it was quite a sight seeing a bunch of heads together moving around a rug.

We also had our Christmas meal at church. The hosting committee had the room decorated beautifully and, like always, the food was amazing.

Day 346

Aaron and I went to a band concert put on by the middle school and high school. The high school finished the concert with Charlie Brown Christmas music and yes, I started crying. I loved everything related to Charlie Brown as a kid and anything that could possibly be nostalgic, I cry over.

When we got home, I made a ton of sugar cookies for the fifth grade's Christmas party.
Day 347

We threw a Christmas party for our kids and yes, I drew that Santa. I swear we had every spicy chip under the sun. I thought I had a high tolerance for spicy foods, but I have nothing on my kids.

My in-laws picked Aaron and I up in the afternoon to spend the night in Lubbock and go shopping. We also drove around Tech to view their lights, very beautiful.

Day 348

I had a very successful shopping trip, getting everyone on my list and no scratches!

Day 349

I played the bells in church today. I always enjoyed hearing the bell choir at FBC Round Rock.

Day 350

Lucy helped me clean the house by making a mud trail through the just-mopped floors and decorating the floors of the bathroom with toilet paper.

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