December 16, 2013

Sweater Weather (337-343)

Day 337

I have had this dark cloud over me called 'UIL' since the beginning of the school year. Today was the big day and it was such a psychological relief to put all of my materials in a brown envelope and put it on the shelf for next year.

Day 338

Having the desire to bake but no butter/ butter substitute, I made brownie-in-a-mugs. This is the kind of baking we had to do when we lived in Arlington. You get creative with no oven.

Day 339

We went to see a parade in Denver City that one of my students was in.

Day 340

We went to an Ugly Sweater Christmas party complete with a White Elephant and delicious food.

Day 341

My mother-in-law graduated with her Masters today. Busy does not begin to describe the past couple of years for her and she is finally done. We are so proud of her!

Day 342

Our church went on a hay-ride around Seagraves and caroled to various houses of elderly church members.

Day 343

Our amazing music teacher is teaching the students how to play the guitar and one of my students wanted to show me what she learned.

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