November 26, 2013

Some Assembly Required (316-322)

Day 316

Aaron and I had a breakfast date of cold waffles. *Note to self: buy new toaster.

Day 317

One of my college professors gave us the advice of not being the last one in the building. I break that rule a lot.

Day 318

The fifth graders had a music recital today showing off compositions they wrote. The music teacher broke it into different times so the parents didn't have to attend a three hour recital. I was able to hear some of my students and I was so impressed at how our music teacher was able to get them to create something like that.

Day 319

Aaron and I had fun decorating for Thanksgiving.

Day 320

My in-laws came to visit and celebrate Thanksgiving early. We love being able to show off the town we love to our family.

Day 321

I don't know if you can see our "polar-bear" puppy, but she is that white thing having fun in the snow. We had fun playing fetch with snow-balls. We would throw them and Lucy would sometimes catch them and then immediately regret the cold.

Day 322

We ordered a fireplace and it came in-- in pieces. The directions said it would take an hour and it took way longer than that, mainly because the screws they gave us weren't very good. Here is the final project!

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