November 18, 2013

I Love Lucy

I am so mad with myself! Last week, I reset my phone because I got a virus on it and, consequently, I lost all the pictures I put on my phone for last week's blog. I have therefore not reached my goal of doing a blog every week.

Day 309

Today was a hot dog banquet for the 3-5 grade students who turned in a reading log showing that they read every day for six weeks straight. The teachers served the hot dogs, handed out certificates, and cleaned up afterwards. It was really neat seeing all of the supportive parents. Some of these kids have been doing this since they were in Kindergarten.

Day 310

Today was bitter-sweet, as we have officially switched my grown-up puppy to dog food. I was way too sad about my substitute baby growing up.

Day 311

We hosted small group at our house. Lucy loved the kids/ baby that came with the couples.

Day 312

I think I need to change the name of this blog to "I Love Lucy" because most of my posts are either about Lucy or food. Here is a picture of a toy we got for her. She figured out he quacks before we did.

Day 313

A sweet lady from our church gave Aaron and I a bunch of Christmas things. I pass by her house everyday on my way home from school and I have always admired it from the outside. The inside is even better. Check out this bathroom! I wish I had better picture-taking skills because these definitely don't do it justice.

Day 314

We had a business meeting where we talked money and ate sandwiches.

Day 315

The monthly drug-wise program was today The police officers talked to the kids about alcohol and tobacco.

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