November 4, 2013

My Husband is a School Widower (302-308)

Day 302

Today I was up at the school until 9:00 trying to get our checklist (grades) done. For a solid two weeks I have been going home after 7:00. All of the papers on the table are just for one subject.

Day 303

Our church had its fall festival. It was a lot of fun and some of my students showed up. I couldn't stay too long because I still had some grading to do. (Will it ever end!?)

Day 304

Today we celebrated someone's birthday in our small group. I made the mistake of eating pumpkin pie before knowing about a cake. In order to not bring a bad omen on the owner of the birthday, I ate pie and cake. You know, to make sure he has a great year. Or something like that.

Day 305

The Masked Rider from Texas Tech visited Seagraves Elementary today. The kids were really excited and it was nearly impossible to keep them paying attention while the Masked Rider was outside their classroom.

Day 306

Aaron and I visited Hobbs again today for dinner and a movie. Aaron and I saw "Ender's Game," which we have been looking forward to for a long time. Aaron got me into the book series and we were ecstatic when we heard there was going to be a movie made.

Day 307

Sorry for the "beautiful" picture. Aaron's hair was needing a haircut for a long time. Unfortately his barber (me) was super busy with her other job (see day 1). After watching a documentary about a performing-arts high school and being super jealous that I was never in a performing arts high school, Aaron got his ears lowered. I am always nervous when I cut his hair because I know I am going to mess up (see wedding photos).

Day 308

I don't know if you can tell, but the fire hydrant is watering the street. What a considerate hydrant, everyone else seems to avoid watering things that don't grow.

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