September 16, 2013

Viking Helmets and a Clock Necklace (253-259)

Day 253

We had a parent involvement night at school that involved slushies and bingo. No one at my table won. We all thought about trading cards but as soon as you trade, your former card wins.

Day 254

One of my kids was really excited because he brought some hermit crabs to school.

Day 255

It's progress report week, so I have been spending a lot of extra hours at school. Today I didn't leave until 7:30 and then I had extra work I brought home. Aaron used this opportunity to listen to Tech play TCU on the radio. I hope we find an antennae so he can watch sports again.

Day 256

I didn't stay at school as long as I had the rest of the week. I couldn't. I stayed for about an hour and then took the rest of my work home, and then the whole family crashed. It was a really busy week for all of us. Except Lucy. She just likes to cuddle and watch Netflix.

Day 257

Seagraves Varsity had a "home game" in Odessa. We have a nice football field but because we were playing a team that had to travel so far, we met them in Odessa to save them three hours. We met my in-laws at a new restaurant and then informed my mother in-law we really met to go to a football game. I guess the message wasn't delivered? The football game had a good turn out! I saw several of my students and a lot of church members. It was a fun game! We have a really good band and the team had a lot of really good plays. We ended up winning 46-14.

Day 258

We are looking for a new teacher for the young adults class so Aaron is filling in until then. I was the only young adult that could make it today so Aaron and I had our own Sunday school.

Day 259

We had a teacher's meeting after school today and it ended with my boss dressing up like Flavor Flav. I am not going to explain why; I am just going to leave it like this.

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