January 13, 2014

Starting the Year off with a Lucy (1-5)

365 days of pictures, take two!

Day 1

I'm starting the second year off strong with a "nothing happened today so here is Lucy doing something" token picture. In this picture she is contemplating how to get a toy that was carelessly thrown onto an unreachable shelf.

Day 2

My sweet husband bought me a foot spa. He truly knows the way to this teacher's heart.

Day 3

We spent Friday night eating low-calorie pizzas and watching candlelight because we are classy like that.

Day 4

I am not much of a shopper for myself, but I could spend hours shopping for the house. I was way too excited about this rug for our kitchen sink and Lucy welcomed it to the family by playing with it outside.

Day 5

I am so thankful that we decided to have cheat days for our diet. Today we really cheated with chicken-fried steak, and I loved every bite.

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