January 19, 2014

Breaking the law on date night day 11

On Friday, Aaron and I were planning on visiting one of our church members who was put into the nursing home not too long ago; however, I was up at the school pretty late trying to get grades finished, so we ran out of time and decided to go the next day.

We decided since we were planning on traveling to Brownfield, we might as well go to Lubbock and make it a date night.

Obviously this picture was not taken by me on my camera phone. My poor husband is the one who gets to edit all of these blogs (which have been several a day) so I decided he deserves a break. No pictures were taken. We went to Cheddars, had amazing timing and beat the crowd, and had very delicious food off the lighter side of the menu.

Afterwards, we went to the mall to see a movie. We were so busy trying to sneak food in, we forgot to get our tickets checked. One of the guys working there stopped us and I thought we were busted. Nope! We just forgot to show him our tickets. My heart came back into my chest. As you can tell, we don't break the rules very often.

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