January 20, 2014

Awkward Day 13

Today we had our pictures made for the church directory. I think the last time I had a church directory picture taken was around ten years ago. One year, my family posed with a yellow color scheme. I was playing with pencil shavings and got them all over my shirt right as we were supposed to be heading out the door. Another year, my mom decided we all needed to wear hats.

This year, being the first time I was in charge of what we were wearing, was a lot more pressure than I would like to admit. I clearly over-think things. Yesterday, I spent way too long trying to find a shirt that was semi-flattering. After thinking I found it, Aaron decided to let me know he was wearing a suit. Ugh, I got something too casual. After all that work, we just decided to wear clothes we already had. Today I spent a stinking long time on my hair and makeup. Than I spent too long deciding whether or not I should wear a scarf. The answer ended up being 'no.'

I tried to convince Aaron to make our pictures awkward, but he wouldn't let us. So, here is a few from to make up for it.

The caption on this said "she got the benefit of having both a little brother and a big brother."

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