January 17, 2014

Aware Wolf

Did you know the word lunatic comes from luna, the Latin word for moon? All around the world, people believe that the moon has a connection to people's physiology: a high rise of emergency room visits, birth rates, crazy students, and turning into wolves. Some think it has to do with the gravitational pull the moon has on our body. One article even suggests different things to do for each phase of the moon. Of course, that is only if you are into that "holistic" stuff.

Basically, a bunch of studies on all of these believes came up short, except for werewolves. You will never disprove werewolves.

I don't think these researchers stepped foot in a classroom during a full moon. I didn't discover the effects of one until I became a teacher assistant and eventually a teacher. I had my appraisal for school on Wednesday, and my students were bonkers.

I am glad it is Friday.

Don't worry Jacob Black, I won't plagiarize:

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