January 20, 2014

They're at the dentist

This post is really a reflection for me than anything else. Then again, isn't that what blogs are for?

Because today is MLK day,the students had the day off and the teachers went to a Schlechty training. The Schlechty center helps schools become more focused on student engagement.

Today we really focused on how model mindsets gets in our way. For example, we read a story about how a flock of sheep had always had wolves attack them. Their ancestors told them that this is how it had always been and this is how it would always be. Eventually, the sheep got together and realized that maybe there was a solution to their problem. So they reflected on when the wolves attacked (when there is a drought) and eventually discovered that the wolves were going under the fence that went through the river. The sheep built a dam and solved that problem.

The point is, we can't let preconceived notions get in the way. Whatever the problem is, we need to examine it and look at what we can control.

We also did other activities where some of the teachers taught others what they do in their classroom. We then made posters reflecting the sheep story.

Then, we did a team building exercise where we wrote one truth and one lie and everyone had to guess who the statements belonged to and which ones were lies. It was a fun way to learn interesting things about other teachers. Some of our teachers didn't return after lunch, so we just kept saying they were at the dentist.

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