August 30, 2011

Wasting time

This semester I am only taking three classes (if you don't count choir). The reason I can get away with this is one of my classes is a six hour class. It is a senior level class and I have been warned about this class since I was a freshman. It will be really beneficial for me in the long run but it is a ton of work. It meets every day for 1 1/2 hours and is taught by two different professors. Fortunately one of the professors is my favorite so I will respect the work I am doing.

Typically the class starts at one everyday but right now I am killing time because we had to sign up for interviews with the professors. They basically ask what you want to teach, how social studies applies to that grade level, why collaborating teams are important, and we have to bring an object that best represents us as learners. I picked play-do because I am a kinesthetic learner, I am not afraid of failing because sometimes my creativity turns into something beautiful, I am good at working both individually and within groups, and I am really flexible. One of my roommates helped me come up with play-do.

Yesterday in choir our professor told us to read the syllabus. Of course everyone never reads syllabi unless it has the schedule on there. He was tricky though, at the bottom of the page he said text or email him before five that day and one of our absences in the future will be forgotten. That's right, I was one of the five that texted him. Of course I can't take the credit for it, another roommate of mine read it and spread the good news. But that isn't to say I wouldn't have read it since I was marking on my calendar all of the important dates this semester.

Since I always post a picture in my blogs, here is a picture of a dancing monkey:

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