August 8, 2011

Introducing My Hero!

So it has definately been over a month since I blogged. Some things have happened. Such as.... I AM ENGAGED!!!!

::cricket cricket::

Okay well anyone who reads my blogs knows me in real life and probably already knew this litte detail.

I am super excited because the whole time we were dating, I resisted the urge to blog about him. But now that we are engaged.....

My hero!
Here he is! This was the semester before we started dating but I am still going to claim this as my own. :)

Up until June 16 my blog will most likely talk about planning my wedding. Maybe a lot about student teaching come this spring... So far we have set a date, June 16, if you did not catch the subtlety in the previous sentence. We are getting married in the Hankamer-Fleming Chapel, or as you locals call it the Texas Baptist Children's home chapel.

Ain't she darling?

This week I am hoping to find a reasonably (cheap) reception site as well as my dress. And by this week I mean in the next three days. Wedding planning is going to be interesting considering the fact that I live 3 1/2 hours away from home on a good day.

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